Björn Kindler

Master's, Bachelor's and Diploma Theses


Characterization of low-power I/O cell input circuits for chip-to-chip interconnects
Michael Paping
HD-KIP 24-09
Bachelor's Thesis

Runtime-dynamic reconfiguration for a time-continuous neuromorphic system
Tim Auberer
HD-KIP 24-12
Bachelor's Thesis


Multi-Single-Chip Training of Spiking Neural Networks with BrainScaleS-2
Jan Valentin Straub
HD-KIP 23-53
Bachelor's Thesis

Parameterized circuits for accelerated design and simulation
Kaspar Frieder Haas
HD-KIP 23-100
Bachelor's Thesis

Gradient Estimation With Sparse Observations for Analog Neuromorphic Hardware
Luca Blessing
HD-KIP 23-39
Master's Thesis

The implementation of a dual-mode DAC for an SAR ADC
Milena Czierlinski
HD-KIP 23-01
Master's Thesis

Efficient Software for Event-based Optimization on Neuromorphic Hardware
Moritz Althaus
HD-KIP 23-69
Master's Thesis


Hardware Design and Reference Current Generation for Neuromorphic Multi-Chip Systems
Maximilian Stucke
HD-KIP 22-64
Bachelor's Thesis

Analog-to-digital conversion for mixed-signal computing: Components for a successive-approximation ADC
Philipp Dauer
HD-KIP 22-74
Master's Thesis

Towards Multi-Compartment Experiments on BrainScaleS-2
Raphael Stock
HD-KIP 22-35
Master's Thesis


Migration and Enhancement of the Advanced Lab Course on Neuromorphic Computing
Alexander Nock
HD-KIP 21-11
Bachelor's Thesis

On-chip calibration and closed-loop experiments on analog neuromorphic hardware
Aron Leibfried
HD-KIP 21-64
Master's Thesis

Biologically Inspired Learning in Recurrent Spiking Neural Networks on Neuromorphic Hardware
Elias Arnold
HD-KIP 21-54
Master's Thesis

Real-time Image Classification on Analog Neuromorphic Hardware
Falk Leonard Ebert
HD-KIP 21-80
Bachelor's Thesis

Input-Induced Dynamical States in Homeostatically Regulated Neuromorphic Recurrent Neural Networks
Markus Kreft
HD-KIP 21-38
Master's Thesis

From Neural Network Descriptions to Neuromorphic Hardware — A Signal-Flow Graph Compiler Approach
Philipp Spilger
HD-KIP 21-30
Master's Thesis

Robustness through Plasticity: A Homeostatic Mechanism for Spiking Sampling Networks
Timo Gierlich
HD-KIP 21-21
Master's Thesis


Inference with Convolutional Neural Networks on Analog Neuromorphic Hardware
Arne Emmel
HD-KIP 20-91
Master's Thesis

Implementation of Large Scale Neural Networks on the Neuromorphic BrainScaleS-1 System
Jakob Kaiser
HD-KIP 20-72
Master's Thesis

Inference with Artificial Neural Networks on Neuromorphic Hardware
Johannes Weis
HD-KIP 20-76
Master's Thesis

Reconstruction of Synaptic Weight on the Neuromorphic BrainscaleS-1 System
Malte Wehrheim
HD-KIP 20-05
Bachelor's Thesis

Towards Structured Data Exchange in Distributed Neuromorphic Systems
Mathis Kunold
HD-KIP 20-111
Bachelor's Thesis

PyNN for BrainScaleS-2
Milena Czierlinski
HD-KIP 20-83
Bachelor's Thesis

Adapting the Cortical Microcircuit Model for the BrainScaleS-1 Hardware
Moritz Hornung
HD-KIP 20-99
Bachelor's Thesis

Characterization of silicon neurons on HICANN-X v2
Philipp Dauer
HD-KIP 20-70
Bachelor's Thesis

Deep Learning on Analog Neuromorphic Hardware
Simeon Kanya
HD-KIP 20-65
Master's Thesis


Development of a Communication Framework for the ANANAS System
Daniel Barley
HD-KIP 19-55
Bachelor's Thesis

Improving the BrainScaleS-1 place and route software towards real world waferscale experiments
Felix Constantin Passenberg
HD-KIP 19-57
Master's Thesis

Experiment Visualization and Simulations towards a Cortical Microcircuit on the BrainScaleS Neuromorphic Hardware
Jonas Weidner
HD-KIP 19-79
Bachelor's Thesis

Training Deep Networks with Time-to-First-Spike Coding on the BrainScaleS Wafer-Scale System
Julian Göltz
HD-KIP 19-51
Master's Thesis

Implementing spike-based tempering on the BrainScaleS-1 mixed-signal neuromorphic system
Madison Cotteret
HD-KIP 19-56
Master's Thesis

Characterizing the Event Interface of the HICANN-X
Marco Rettig
HD-KIP 19-45
Bachelor's Thesis

Structural Plasticity for Feature Selection in Auditory Stimuli on Neuromorphic Hardware
Markus Kreft
HD-KIP 19-18
Bachelor's Thesis

Optimizing Cooling Performance and Efficiency of the BrainScaleS System
Nico Schwersenz
HD-KIP 19-82
Bachelor's Thesis

Design and Implementation of a Transport Layer for the Extoll Network Interface in the BrainScaleS Neuromorphic Computing Platform
Niels Buwen

Master's Thesis

Short-Term Plasticity on the BrainScaleS Neuromorphic System
Raphael C. Engelhardt
HD-KIP 19-89
Master's Thesis

Towards Balanced Random Networks on the BrainScaleS I System
Schwarzenböck, Quirinus
HD-KIP 19-116
Bachelor's Thesis

Demonstrating Advantages of Neuromorphic Computation
Timo Wunderlich
HD-KIP 19-12
Master's Thesis

Verification and Commissioning of Mixed-Signal Neuromorphic Substrates
Yannik Stradmann
HD-KIP 19-85
Master's Thesis


Solving the Constraint Satisfaction Problem Sudoku on Neuromorphic Hardware
Alexander Kugele
HD-KIP 18-13
Master's Thesis

On-chip calibration of analog neuromorphic circuits
Aron Leibfried
HD-KIP 18-97
Bachelor's Thesis

Development of a Modern Monitoring Platform for the BrainScaleS System
Daniel Kutny
HD-KIP 18-14
Bachelor's Thesis

Towards Spike–based Expectation Maximization in a Closed–Loop Setup on an Accelerated Neuromorphic Substrate
Felix Schneider
HD-KIP 18-137
Bachelor's Thesis

Characterization and Calibration of Synaptic Plasticity on Neuromorphic Hardware
Johannes Weis
HD-KIP 18-10
Bachelor's Thesis

Solving Map Coloring Problems on Analog Neuromorphic Hardware
Jörg Steidel
HD-KIP 18-89
Bachelor's Thesis

A Parametrizable Switch For Neuromorphic Hardware
Lea Kanzleiter
HD-KIP 18-144
Bachelor's Thesis

Spatio-Temporal Predictions with Spiking Neural Networks
Maximilian Zenk
HD-KIP 18-49
Master's Thesis

A Markovian Model of LIF Networks
Nico Gürtler
HD-KIP 18-45
Master's Thesis

Integration of the Slurm workload manager into the BrainScaleS monitoring platform
Patrick Häussermann
HD-KIP 18-142
Bachelor's Thesis

Calibration and Regulation of a Power Supply in the BrainScaleS System
Patrick Nisble
HD-KIP 18-101
Bachelor's Thesis

Spike-based Expectation Maximization on the HICANN-DLSv2 Neuromorphic Chip
Philipp Spilger
HD-KIP 18-159
Bachelor's Thesis

Visualization of Mapping and Routing of the BrainScaleS System
Richard Boell
HD-KIP 18-92
Bachelor's Thesis

Calibration of the Analog HICANN Readout Process
Simon Rosenkranz
HD-KIP 18-138
Bachelor's Thesis

Measurement and evaluation of short-term plasticity on neuromorphic hardware
Stephen Schaumann
HD-KIP 18-127
Bachelor's Thesis

Design and Implementation of an EXTOLL Network-Interface for the Communication FPGA in the BrainScaleS Neuromorphic Computing System
Tobias Thommes
HD-KIP 18-188
Master's Thesis


Simulated Tempering in Spiking Neural Networks
Agnes Korcsak-Gorzo
HD-KIP 17-134
Master's Thesis

Design und Charakterisierung einer Routing-Schnittstelle für Neuromorphe Hardware
Alexander Schmidt
HD-KIP 17-51
Bachelor's Thesis

Compiler Support for the BrainScaleS Plasticity Processor
Arthur Heimbrecht
HD-KIP 17-32
Bachelor's Thesis

Accelerated Classification in Hierarchical Neural Networks on Neuromorphic Hardware
Carola Fischer
HD-KIP 17-85
Bachelor's Thesis

Exploring Collective Neural Dynamics under Synaptic Plasticity on Neuromorphic Hardware
David Stöckel
HD-KIP 17-120
Master's Thesis

Mixed-Signal Neuron and Readout Circuits for a Neuromorphic System
Gerd Kiene
HD-KIP 17-58
Master's Thesis

The Effect of Asymmetric Weight Variability on Sampling Processes based on Boltzmann Machines in Neuromorphic Hardware Applications
Jannik Fehre
HD-KIP 17-103
Bachelor's Thesis

Training Functional Networks on Large-Scale Neuromorphic Hardware
Johann Klähn
HD-KIP 17-126
Master's Thesis

Development of a digitizer for the BrainScaleS neuromorphic hardware system
Joscha Ilmberger
HD-KIP 17-97
Master's Thesis

Characterization of Single-Neuron Dynamics in the Development of Neuromorphic Hardware
Laura Kriener
HD-KIP 17-29
Master's Thesis

Design and Implementation of a Short Term Plasticity Circuit for a 65 nm Neuromorphic Hardware System
Sebastian Billaudelle
HD-KIP 17-60
Master's Thesis


Sampling with leaky integrate-and-fire neurons on the HICANNv4 neuromorphic chip
Akos Kungl
HD-KIP 16-84
Master's Thesis

Struktur schafft Robustheit: Eine Untersuchung hierarchischer neuronaler Netzwerke mit unpräzisen Komponenten
Anna Schroeder
HD-KIP 16-85
Bachelor's Thesis

Magnetic Phenomena in Spiking Neural Networks
Baumbach, Andreas
HD-KIP 16-68
Master's Thesis

Charakterisierung und Vergleich von zwei ADC-Modulen für das Brainscales Hardware System
Bernard Epp
HD-KIP 16-05
Bachelor's Thesis

Commissioning of a Neuromorphic Computing Platform
Christian Mauch
HD-KIP 16-46
Master's Thesis

Stochastic Computation in Spiking Neural Networks Without Noise
Dominik Dold
HD-KIP 16-86
Master's Thesis

Commissioning of an FPGA-based prototyping environment for neuromorphic hardware
Jan Debus
HD-KIP 16-127
Bachelor's Thesis

Towards Fast Iterative Learning On The BrainScaleS Neuromorphic Hardware System
Lukas Pilz
HD-KIP 16-89
Bachelor's Thesis

Neural Sampling with Linear Feedback Shift Registers as a Source of Noise
Marcel Großkinsky
HD-KIP 16-133
Bachelor's Thesis

Synaptic Calibration on the HICANN-DLS Neuromorphic Chip
Timo Wunderlich
HD-KIP 16-96
Bachelor's Thesis

Characterization and Calibration of a Mixed-Signal Leaky Integrate and Fire Neuron on HICANN-DLS
Yannik Stradmann
HD-KIP 16-87
Bachelor's Thesis


Firing States of Recurrent Leaky Integrate-and-Fire Networks
Agnes Korcsak-Gorzo
HD-KIP 15-28
Bachelor's Thesis

Charakterisierung von Adaption auf neuromorpher Hardware
Arno Friedrich
HD-KIP 15-10
Bachelor's Thesis

Boltzmann Sampling with Neuromorphic Hardware
David Stöckel
HD-KIP 15-06
Bachelor's Thesis

Investigating Competitive Dynamics in a Recurrent Neural Network on Neuromorphic Hardware
Denis Alevi
HD-KIP 15-50
Bachelor's Thesis

Towards a Neuromorphic Implementation of Spike-Based Expectation Maximization
Oliver Breitwieser
HD-KIP 15-80
Master's Thesis

Generative Properties of LIF-based Boltzmann Machines
Roman Martel
HD-KIP 15-86
Master's Thesis

Characterization of Spike-Timing Dependent Plasticity in Neuromorphic Hardware
Tobias Nonnenmacher
HD-KIP 15-35
Master's Thesis


Deep Learning Architectures for Neuromorphic Hardware
冷卢子未 Luziwei Leng
HD-KIP 14-26
Master's Thesis

Software Development in the Context of Dendrite Membrane Simulation
David Hinrichs
HD-KIP 14-62
Bachelor's Thesis

A Neural Implementation of Probabilistic Inference in Binary Probability Spaces
Dimitri Probst
HD-KIP 14-31
Master's Thesis

Automated Characterization of a Wafer-Scale Neuromorphic Hardware System
Dominik Schmidt
HD-KIP 14-97
Master's Thesis

Interfacing a Neuronal Accelerator to a High Performance Computing System
Fynn Beuttenmüller
HD-KIP 14-84
Bachelor's Thesis

Evaluating the Synaptic Input of a Neuromorphic Circuit
Gerd Kiene
HD-KIP 14-59
Bachelor's Thesis

Development of a multichannel voltage generation unit with sub-microvolt precision
Joscha Ilmberger
HD-KIP 14-46
Bachelor's Thesis

Binaural Sound Localization on Neuromorphic Hardware
Laura Kriener
HD-KIP 14-92
Bachelor's Thesis

Testen der Software und Vermessen des Multi-Compartment Chips
Maximilian Denne
HD-KIP 14-08
Bachelor's Thesis

Characterisation and Calibration of Short Term Plasticity on a Neuromorphic Hardware Chip
Sebastian Billaudelle
HD-KIP 14-93
Bachelor's Thesis

Testen eines Floating-Gate Analogspeichers in 65nm Single-Poly Technologie
Stanislaw Hüll
HD-KIP 14-23
Bachelor's Thesis

A communication infrastructure for a neuromorphic system
Vitali Karasenko
HD-KIP 14-115
Master's Thesis

A communication infrastructure for a neuromorphic system
Vitali Karasenko
HD-KIP 14-64
Master's Thesis


Integration einer automatisierten analogen und erweiterbaren Testumgebung zur Validierung und Überwachung von Hardware und Software Frameworks
Alexander Gorel
HD-KIP 13-59
Bachelor's Thesis

Phase-Locking on Neuromorphic Hardware
Anne-Christine Scherzer
HD-KIP 13-52
Bachelor's Thesis

Demonstrationsexperimente auf neuromorpher Hardware
Binh Tran
HD-KIP 13-55
Bachelor's Thesis

Vergleich der Executable System Specification mit neuromorpher Hardware über eine gemeinsame Bedienungsschnittstelle
Constantin Pape
HD-KIP 13-93
Bachelor's Thesis

Untersuchung und Management von Synapsendefektverteilungen in einem großskaligen neuromorphen Hardwaresystem
Johann Klähn
HD-KIP 13-36
Bachelor's Thesis

A Raspberry Pi controlling neuromorphic hardware
Markus Hellenbrand
HD-KIP 13-29
Bachelor's Thesis

Characteristics of STDP on the Spikey neuromorphic hardware system
Marten Ole Schmidt
HD-KIP 13-108
Bachelor's Thesis

Optimierung der physikalischen Signalübertragung auf neuromorpher Hardware
Simon Ziegler
HD-KIP 13-116
Bachelor's Thesis


Feasibility Study On Declarative Routing For Neuromorphic Hardware
Ioannis Kokkinos
HD-KIP 12-114
Diploma Thesis

Distanzmaße für Spiketrains im Rahmen der Optimierung von Neuronparametern
Jonathan Born
HD-KIP 12-18
Bachelor's Thesis

Handling Spike Data in an Accelerated Neuromorphic System
Kai-Hajo Husmann
HD-KIP 12-129
Bachelor's Thesis

Parameteroptimierung für Adaptive Exponential Integrate-and-Fire Neuronen
Sebastian Lackner
HD-KIP 12-79
Bachelor's Thesis

Toward Belief Propagation on Neuromorphic Hardware
Venelin Petkov
HD-KIP 12-23
Diploma Thesis


Testing of an Analog Neuromorphic Network Chip
Alexander Kononov
HD-KIP 11-83
Diploma Thesis

Analysis of the Liquid Computing Paradigm on a Neuromorphic Hardware System
Dimitri Probst
HD-KIP 11-47
Bachelor's Thesis

From Shared Input to correlated Neuron Dynamics: Development of a Predictive Framework
Ilja Bytschok
HD-KIP 11-87
Diploma Thesis

Investigation of a Cortical Attractor-Memory Network
Oliver Breitwieser
HD-KIP 11-173
Bachelor's Thesis

Distortions of Neural Network Models Induced by Their Emulation on Neuromorphic Hardware Devices
Paul Müller
HD-KIP 11-172
Diploma Thesis

Entwicklung und Aufbau einer anwenderfreundlichen Hardwareumgebung für ein neuromorphes Chipsystem
Ranjeet Kuruvilla
HD-KIP 11-28
Diploma Thesis

Configuration Strategies for Neurons and Synaptic Learning in Large-Scale Neuromorphic Hardware Systems
Thomas Pfeil
HD-KIP 11-34
Diploma Thesis


Testing the Accuracy of Neuromorphic Device Configurations
Alexander Müller-Brand
HD-KIP 10-90
Bachelor's Thesis

Improving and Testing a Mixed-Signal VLSI Neural Network Chip
Andreas Hartel
HD-KIP 10-18
Diploma Thesis

Testing the Operation Workflow of a Neuromorphic Hardware System with a Functionally Accurate Model
Bernhard Vogginger
HD-KIP 10-12
Diploma Thesis

Liquid Computing mit Neuromorpher Hardware
Marvin Albert
HD-KIP 10-43
Bachelor's Thesis

Konzeptoptimierung und Entwicklung einer hochintegrierten Leiterplatte
Maurice Güttler
HD-KIP 10-68
Diploma Thesis

A Highly Efficient Transport Layer for the Connection of Neuromorphic Hardware Systems
Moritz Schilling
HD-KIP 10-09
Diploma Thesis

Computing with Transient States on a Neuromorphic Multi-Chip Environment
Sebastian Jeltsch
HD-KIP 10-54
Diploma Thesis


Entwicklung und Testergebnisse eines Prototypensystems für die Wafer-Scale-Integration
Holger Zoglauer
HD-KIP 09-28
Diploma Thesis

Test of Components for a Wafer-Scale Neuromorphic Hardware System
Matthias Hock
HD-KIP 09-37
Diploma Thesis

Extending a Hardware Neural Network Beyond Chip Boundaries
Simon Friedmann
HD-KIP 09-41
Diploma Thesis


Self-Organization Experiments for a Neuromorphic Hardware Device
Bernhard Kaplan
HD-KIP 08-42
Diploma Thesis

Operation Of An Imperfect Neuromorphic Hardware Device
Eric Müller
HD-KIP 08-43
Diploma Thesis

Self-Stabilizing Network Architectures on a Neuromorphic Hardware System
Johannes Bill
HD-KIP 08-44
Diploma Thesis

Entwurf und Implementierung einer parallelen Netzwerkschnittstelle zum Betrieb Künstlicher Neuronaler Netze
Jürgen Drexler
HD-KIP 09-05
Diploma Thesis

An Integrated Operational Amplifier for a Large Scale Neuromorphic System
Sebastian Millner
HD-KIP 08-19
Diploma Thesis


Charakterisierung eines Neuronalen Netzwerk-Chips
Boris Ostendorf
HD-KIP 07-12
Diploma Thesis

Implementation einer Gigabit-Ethernet-Schnittstelle zum Betrieb eines Künstlichen Neuronalen Netzwerkes
Christian Gutmann
HD-KIP 07-08
Diploma Thesis


Evaluierung eines Floating Gate Analogspeichers für Neuronale Netze in Single-Poly UMC 180nm CMOS-Prozess
Jan-Peter Loock
HD-KIP 06-47
Diploma Thesis


Implementing Spike-Based Computation on a Hardware Perceptron
Daniel Brüderle
HD-KIP 04-16
Diploma Thesis


Linuximportierung auf einen eingebetteten PowerPC 405 zur Steuerung eines neuronalen Netzwerks
Alexander Sinsel
HD-KIP 03-14
Diploma Thesis

Eine FPGA-basierte Plattform für neuronale Netze
Andreas Grübl
HD-KIP 03-02
Diploma Thesis

Design and Analysis of fMRI Experiments Probing Brain Activity Induced by Event-Related Tactile Stimulation
Anne-Catherin Zappe
HD-KIP 03-01
Diploma Thesis

Aufbau eines binären Neocognitrons
Dominik Niedenzu
HD-KIP 03-11
Diploma Thesis

Simulation of High-Conductance States in Cortical Neural Networks
Eilif Müller
HD-KIP 03-22
Diploma Thesis

Klassifikation der Proteinkinase-Familie mit dem neuronalen Netzwerkchip HAGEN
Mirko Sedlacek
HD-KIP 03-31
Diploma Thesis


Entwicklung eines Sehersatzsystems für Blinde in Form eines microcontroller-gesteuerten taktilen Displays mit hoher Bildauflösung und Durchführung von Praxistests
Klaus Rieger
HD-KIP 02-02
Diploma Thesis


Hard- und Software zur Videodigitalisierung und Bildverarbeitung unter Linux
Christoph Baumann
HD-KIP 01-09
Diploma Thesis

Ein FPGA-basiertes Testsystem für gemischt analog/digitale ASICs
Joachim Becker
HD-KIP 01-11
Diploma Thesis


Aufbau und Evaluierung eines taktilen Displays
Alexander Biesinger
HD-KIP 00-01
Diploma Thesis

Untersuchung eines mechanischen Oszillators zur Demonstration der Schwingungsgleichung
Helge Hauptfleisch
HD-KIP 00-51

Aufbau eines kompakten Bildverarbeitungsrechners für ein taktiles Blindenhilfssystem
Holger Blinzinger
HD-KIP 00-02
Diploma Thesis

Bau und Test eines chaotischen Pendels mit Wirbelstrombremse
Michael Oehmig
HD-KIP 00-11

Design and Analysis of fMRI Experiments Probing Brain Activity Induced by Tactile Stimulation
Stefanie Runde
HD-KIP 00-27
Diploma Thesis


Entwicklung eines optoelektronischen Sehhilfesystems
Lukas Schmidt-Mende
IHEP 99-01
Diploma Thesis


Entwurf und Test eines optisch konfigurierbaren Widerstandsnetzwerkes
Jörg Langeheine
IHEP 98-10
Diploma Thesis

Simulation und Visualisierung elektrischer und optischer Eigenschaften von Halbleiterbauelementen
Peter Schneider
IHEP 98-01
Diploma Thesis

Entwicklung und Test eines taktilen Seh-Ersatzsystems
Thorsten Maucher
IHEP 98-11
Diploma Thesis


Design und Test einer Single-Chip Kamera mit integrierter Analog/Digital-Wandlung auf der Basis adaptiver Photorezeptoren
Johannes Schemmel
IHEP 97-03
Diploma Thesis

Design und Messung optoelektronischer Struktur in CMOS Technologie
Marc Teodori
IHEP 97-08
Diploma Thesis


Layout und Test eines Systems adaptiver Photorezeptoren in analoger CMOS-Technologie
Markus Loose
IHEP 96-10
Diploma Thesis