Björn Kindler


The Spikey neuromorphic system is a novel device that emulates spiking neural networks with physical models of neurons and synapses implemented in analog microelectronics. The Spikey chip comprises 384 neurons and 98304 synapses. Networks on the Spikey chip are emulated approximately 10000-fold faster than biological real-time.

Getting started

  • To get remote access to the system or to get your own device please contact us: spikey(at)
  • Details about the system, instructions for installation, network examples and a list of related publications are collected in our Guidebook.
  • For further questions about the usage of the Spikey system, browse the archive of our mailing list. Feel free to subscribe to this mailing list and ask new questions.
  • Drivers, software and PyNN support for the system are accessible on github.


Please use this reference to cite the Spikey neuromorphic system in your publications.


The development of the Spikey neuromorphic system is/was partially funded by the following EU projects: