Kirchhoff-Institute for Physics

The Kirchhoff Institute for Physics (KIP) is named after a prominent physicist of the 19th Century: Gustav Robert Kirchhoff, who worked in Heidelberg for 21 years. His well-known lectures on experimental and theoretical physics attracted many students. Kirchhoff's ground-breaking research was extraordinarily diverse, spanning electrical, magnetic, optical, elastic, hydrodynamic and thermal processes. His laws for electrical circuits are well-known. At the time he was in Heidelberg, in conjunction with Robert Wilhelm Bunsen, he discovered spectral analysis and its application to solar radiation. In this way, Kirchhoff laid the foundation for modern astrophysics, as well as formulating the laws of thermal radiation, which played a key role in the discovery of quantum physics. The KIP aims to continue in this tradition of diverse scientific research and education.

Physikalisches Kolloquium

22. November 2019 5:00 pm  End of Moore’s Law – How long will EUV Lithography last?

Prof. Dr. Michael Kaschke, Vorsitzender des Konzernvorstands Carl Zeiss AG, Moore’s Law was and still is the driver of innovations in many different areas, including the smartphone, artificial intelligence and autonomous driving. Achieving greater performance while lowering costs and energy consumption has required geometrical shrink powered by the resolution of optical lithography. Without this innovation, the power consumption of e.g. hyperscale data centers would increase linearly with the amount of data and hinder our data-driven world. more...


DFG extends HighRR Research Training Group in nuclear and particle physics

After successful evaluation, the “HighRR – High Resolution and High Rate Detectors in Nuclear and Particle Physics” Research Training Group (RTG 2058) at Heidelberg University has been granted funding of approx. 4 million euros by the German Research Foundation for another four and a half years.

  more ...


Scintillating Fibre Tracker for the SHIP experiment
Dr. Guido Haefeli (EPFL)   27. November 15:15-17:00, INF 226, K2 & K3
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