Björn Kindler

PhD Theses


Interconnect technologies for very large spiking neural networks
Tobias Thommes
HD-KIP 23-101


From transistors to learning systems: circuits and algorithms for brain-inspired computing
Sebastian Billaudelle
HD-KIP 22-91


From microscopic dynamics to ensemble behavior in spiking neural networks
Andreas Baumbach
HD-KIP 21-05

Operating Accelerated Neuromorphic Hardware - A Scalable and Sustainable Approach
Christian Paul Mauch
HD-KIP 21-08

Adjoint equations of spiking neural networks
Christian Pehle
HD-KIP 21-106

Accelerated neuromorphic cybernetics
Korbinian Schreiber
HD-KIP 21-14

Learning by Tooling: Novel Neuromorphic Learning Strategies in Reproducible Software Environments
Oliver Julien Breitwieser
HD-KIP 21-78


Robust learning algorithms for spiking and rate-based neural networks
Akos F. Kungl
HD-KIP 20-63

Harnessing function from form: towards bio-inspired artificial intelligence in neuronal substrates
Dold, Dominik
HD-KIP 21-16

Von Neumann bottlenecks in non-von Neumann computing architectures
Vitali Karasenko
HD-KIP 20-107


Solving machine learning problems with biological principles
Luziwei Leng
HD-KIP 19-83


Mixed-Signal Circuit Implementation of Spiking Neuron Models
Syed Ahmed Aamir
HD-KIP 18-51


Device Variability in Synapses of Neuromorphic Circuits
Christoph Koke
HD-KIP 17-23

Achieving a Higher Integration Level of Neuromorphic Hardware using Wafer Embedding
Gilbert Maurice Güttler
HD-KIP 17-129

Computing with noise in spiking neural networks
Ilja Bytschok
HD-KIP 17-54

Neuron Circuit Characterization in a Neuromorphic System
Mitja Kleider
HD-KIP 17-135

Modeling and Verification for a Scalable Neuromorphic Substrate
Paul Müller
HD-KIP 17-119


Implementation and Characterization of Mixed-Signal Neuromorphic ASICs
Hartel, Andreas
HD-KIP 16-07


Form vs. Function - Theory and Models for Neuronal Substrates
Mihai A. Petrovici
HD-KIP 15-60

Exploring the potential of brain-inspired computing
Thomas Pfeil
HD-KIP 15-18


Novel Operation Modes of Accelerated Neuromorphic Hardware
Eric Christian Müller
HD-KIP 14-98

Modern semiconductor technologies for neuromorphic hardware
Matthias Hock
HD-KIP 14-105

A Scalable Workflow for a Configurable Neuromorphic Platform
Sebastian Jeltsch
HD-KIP 14-51


A new approach to learning in neuromorphic hardware
Friedmann, Simon
HD-KIP 13-86

Reproducing Biologically Realistic Regimes on a Highly-Accelerated Neuromorphic Hardware System
Marc-Olivier Schwartz
HD-KIP 13-87


Development of a Multi-Compartment Neuron Model Emulation
Sebastian Millner
HD-KIP 12-83


Neuroscientific Modeling with a Mixed-Signal VLSI Hardware System
Daniel Brüderle
HD-KIP 09-30


Design and Implementation of a Multi-Class Network Architecture for Hardware Neural Networks
Stefan Philipp
HD-KIP 08-20


VLSI Implementation of a Spiking Neural Network
Andreas Grübl
HD-KIP 07-10


Markov Process Models for Neural Ensembles with Spike-Frequency Adaptation
Eilif Benjamin Muller
HD-KIP 06-17

A Method for Image Classification Using Low-Precision Analog Computing Arrays
Johannes Fieres
HD-KIP 06-20

Evolution of Transistor Circuits
Martin Trefzer
HD-KIP 06-29

Evolution in Hardware - Eine Experimentalplattform zum parallelen Training analoger neuronaler Netzwerke
Tillmann Schmitz
HD-KIP 06-18


A High Dynamic Range CMOS Image Sensor with Adaptive Integration Time Control
Andreas Breidenassel
HD-KIP 05-06

Exploring Liquid Computing in a Hardware Adaptation: Construction and Operation of a Neural Network Experiment
Felix Schürmann
HD-KIP 05-09

Intrinsic Hardware Evolution on the Transistor Level
Joerg Langeheine
HD-KIP 05-12

Stepwise Evolutionary Training Strategies for Hardware Neural Networks
Steffen Hohmann
HD-KIP 05-05


Untersuchung der durch taktile Muster evozierten Änderungen der Aktivität im Cortex mit einem pneumatischen Display
Thorsten Maucher
HD-KIP 04-17


Magnetic source imaging of tactile evoked activity in the human secondary somatosensory cortex
Karsten Hoechstetter
HD-KIP 01-13


An Integrated Analog Network for Image Processing
Johannes Schemmel
IHEP 99-08

A Self Calibrating CMOS Image Sensor with Logarithmic Response
Markus Loose
IHEP 99-07