Funded Projects

Ongoing projects:

  1. Lithium-rich antiperovskites as high-performance cathode materials in lithium-ion batteries, KL1824/20-1 (with N. Gräßler, IFW Dresden), 2023 - 2026
  2. DFG research training group “Mixed Ionic-Electronic Transport: From Fundamentals to Applications” (RTG 2948): 2023 - 2028. Subproject: Charge-Ion Conversion in Hybrid Battery Materials
  3. "Mega Grant" Award for the Laboratory on "Functional Quantum Materials" at the University of Science and Technology „MISiS“ in Moscow (2020 - 2022) (suspended)
  4. DAAD-GSSP Programme: Experimental foundations and applications of quantum phenomena. 2019-2023 (Stipends for a research group of 4 PhD students)

Finished projects:

  1. DFG KL1824/12-1: Carbon-based spherical nanocomposites for electrochemical energy storage (NanoEnergy), Einzelprojekt, with U Szeczin (2018 – 2022)
  2. BMBF-Verbundprojekt SpinFun (Magnetische Funktionsmaterialien für die molekulare Spinelektronik und magnetische Sensorik); BMBF/PT VDI (13XP5088), 2019 – 2022
  3. DFG KL1824/13-1: Multiferroicity in mixed-spin low-dimensional magnetic systems (Einzelprojekt; with Alexander Vasiliev): 2018 – 2022
  4. DFG KL1824/11-1: Magnetic and dielectric studies on the room temperature magnet SrRu2O6 and its doped variants (DFG-DST joint project 2017 – 2022)
  5. DFG WA4313/1-2: Quest for nematicity in iron-based superconductors (Dr. Liran Wang, hosted at the ECM group): 2020 - 2021
  6. DFG own position Dr. Ch. Koo, KO5480/1-1: Experimental studies on magnetic interaction and anisotropy in 3d-4f heterometallic systems, 2019 - 2021
  7. LGF-Promotionskolleg "Basic Building Blocks for Quantum Enabled Technologies" (with Selim Jochim, Matthias Weidemüller, Jana Zaumseil, Markus Oberthaler)
  8. DFG KL1824/14-1: Fe2O3@C nanocomposites as anode materials for lithium- and sodium ion batteries with high cyclic stability (1/2019-1/2020)
  9. DFG WA4313/1-1: Quest for nematicity in iron-based superconductors (Dr. Liran Wang, hosted at the ECM group): 2018 - 2020
  10. Materialforschung an LiMPO4 für Lithium-Ionen-Batterien (FLIB), BMBF German-Egypt Research Fund GERF IV, 2017 - 2019. FKZ 01DH17036
    Link Datenbank Umweltbundesamt
  11. BMWi Verbundprojekt HiKoMat - Werkstoffentwicklung hierarchisch strukturierter Kompositmaterialien für elektrochemische Energiespeicher.Teilprojekt: Hierarchisch strukturierte Phosphate und Silikate; Forschungsförderung im 6. Energieforschungsprogramm (2016 - 2019).
    Link Datenbank Umweltbundesamt
  12. Chinese Scholarship Council: Synthesis and Investigation of New Electrode Materials for Li-ion Batteries, PhD stipend for Yuquan Wu (3.5 years)
  13. DFG KL1824/6: Electronic, structural, and magnetic properties of single crystalline pnictides: Thermodynamic studies down to ultra-low temperatures in scope of priority program SPP 1458 High temperature superconductivity in iron pnictides
  14. NanoStorage: Neue nanoskalige Materialien zur Energiespeicherung in Lithium-Ionen-Batterien. Baden-Württemberg-Stiftung „Funktionelle Oberflächen und Materialien für eine nachhaltige Energieversorgung (CleanTech)“ (2015-2017) (Publications)
  15. DFG / 3. Säule ExIni: Synthesis and investigation of MoO2@C and V2O3@C nanocomposites (3 months stay G. Zakhariva)
  16. Novel UV nonlinear optical crystals (R. Klingeler, J. Zhang, N. Ye). Cooperation project funded by Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter Chinese Academy of Sciences, China (2016-2017)
  17. Chinese Scholarship Council: Growth and investigation of high-quality single crystals by the high-pressure TSFZ-furnace method, Nianjing Ji (1 year research stay)
  18. DFG research grant ZH463/1-1: Novel non-toxic nonlinear optical crystals for deep-ultraviolet laser generation (own position of Dr. Zhang hosted at the ECM group)
  19. Wechselwirkungen und Dynamik in komplexen Systemen: Äußere Einflüsse im Magnetismus und der Makroökonomie (mit Z. Enders, Alfred-Weber-Institut Heidelberg). Fellowship des Marsiliuskolleg des Universität Heidelberg 2016/2017
  20. Chinese Science Council: Size and morphology controlled in nanoscaled materials for application in Lithium-ion batteries (2 years research stay of Zhenyou Li), together wit Prof. Xiang Junhui, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
  21. Chinese Scholarship Council: Growth and investigation of high-quality single crystals by the high-pressure TSFZ-furnace method, Duanlian Wang (1 year research stay)
  22. FP7 Marie Curie IIF: Single-crystalline Lithium-based model systems of future materials for electrochemical energy storage and data storage, 2013 - 2015 (Grant PIIF-GA-2012-331476 LiCrystG)
  23. DAAD-PPP (Projektbezogener Personenaustausch) 1.1.2013 - 31.12.2014: Mesoporous carbon nano-composites (Projektkennziffer 56269175)
  24. DFG Hochfeld- und Hochfrequenz-Elektronen-Spin-Resonanz-Spektrometer: Grossgeräteantrag nach § 91 b GG (INST 35 / 1085-1 FUGG)
  25. DFG / 3. Säule ExIni: Dynamic magnetic properties of Li-based antimonides LiMnSbO4, Li2MnXO4 (X = Ge,Si), LiFeO2 (A = Li,Na), and Li3Cu2SbO6. (Research stay E. Zvereva)
  26. DFG KL1824/7: Selected-control synthesis and characterisation of nanoscaled ammonium vanadates with good cycling stability for lithium-ion batteries (for G. Zakharova)
  27. DFG KL1824/5: DFG-Grossgeräteantrag: Crystal growth and electrochemistry of Lithium-based materials: Investigation of model systems for Li-ion batteries (High-pressure image furnace); in scope of SPP 1473 'Materials with New Design for Improved Lithium Ion Batteries - WeNDeLIB'
  28. BMBF-Nachwuchsgruppe (U Heidelberg) Nanoskaligkeit und Grenzflächeneffekte in neuen oxidischen Batteriematerialien (03SF0397)  
    12/2008-8/2013, in the frame of Innovationsallianz LIB 2015, BMBF/PTJ. Link Datenbank Umweltbundesamt
  29. DFG research grant: Preparation and crystal growth of superconducting and magnetic rare earth-transition metal oxypnictides and alkali / earth alkali iron arsenides in scope of priority program SPP 1458 High temperature superconductivity in iron pnictides (with B. Büchner)
  30. DFG: Teilprojekt 4 'Magnetische Eigenschaften: Elektronen-Spin-Resonanz und Magnetisierung' der Forschergruppe 'Towards Molecular Spintronics' FOR 1154, mit V. Kataev, B. Büchner (2010-2013, DFG KA 1694/5)
  31. DFG: Russian-German Joint Laboratory on Quantum ground states: Low dimensional and frustrated magnetic systems: various routes to quantum ground states (B. Büchner, R. Klingeler, 486 RUS 113/982/0-1)
  32. BMBF-Nachwuchsgruppe (IFW Dresden) Nanoskaligkeit und Grenzflächeneffekte in neuen oxidischen Batteriematerialien (03SF0340), 2008-2011, in the frame of Innovationsallianz LIB 2015, BMBF/PTJ. Link Datenbank Umweltbundesamt
  33. DFG KL1824/4: Synthesis of doped and undoped vanadium and titanium oxide nanotubes and study of their magnetic and electronic properties. DFG (Forschungsaufenthalt G. Zakharova)
  34. Marie-Curie Research Training Network 2006-2010: Multifunctional Carbon Nanotubes for Biomedical Applications (CARBIO): Coordination + Management of the RTN
    Research Topic 7: Non-invasive intracellular sensors and markers: NMR studies
    Research Topic 10: Magnetically filled CNT as intracellular probes for heating
  35. EFRE-Infrastrukturmaßnahme 'Entwicklungs- und Anwenderlabor für technologierelevantes Energiemanagement' am IFW Dresden aus den Mitteln des Europäischen Fonds für Regionale Entwicklung, 2009 (Projektleiter: R. Klingeler)
  36. Workshop Physics and Chemistry of FeAs-based Superconductors
    (a) DFG Förderung (GZ 4851/408/08) (R. Klingeler, B. Büchner)
    (b) Förderung durch IB des BMBF (Int. Zusammenarbeit) RUS08/008
  37. BMBF-ForMaT (Forschung für den Markt im Team): Potenzialscreening Nanosonden in molekularen Kohlenstoffhüllen.
  38. Marie-Curie Incoming International Fellowship for Dr. A. Bajpai: Synthesis of new materials based on half metallic ferromagnet CrO2 and optimization of its properties for spin-electronics (MIF1-CT-2006-040127-NewMatCr)
  39. DFG KL 1824/3-1: Research stay Dr. O. Volkova (6 months): Coexistence of ferroelectricity and magnetism in incommensurate spiral magnets. Search for new multiferroics
  40. DFG KL1824/2-1 und 2: French-German Network (P2R): Spin and charge in electrochemically doped transition metal oxides. Thermodynamic, magnetic and spectroscopic studies of electrochemically doped transition metal oxides
  41. Pakt für Forschung und Innovation 2007-2009: Investigation and manipulation of nanoscale magnets. IFW core group: R. Klingeler, T. Gemming, B. Rellinghaus, M. Richter
    Project 5: Vanadiumoxid-Nanotubes (1 PhD)
    Project 6: Local spin-resolved electronic properties of nanomagnets (with C. Hess, T. Hänke) (1 PhD)
  42. DFG: Russian-German Joint Laboratory on Quantum ground states: The role of reduced dimensionality and frustration. IFW Dresden (Prof. B. Büchner) and Moscow State University (Prof. A. Vassiliev) (486 RUS 113/864/0-1)
  43. DFG HE 3439/6: Single phase multiferroics: Synthesis and physical properties. DFG Research Group FOR 520: Project A7 (with C. Hess, B. Büchner), 2006-2008
  44. Structural effects on charge and orbital order probed by hydrostatic and uniaxial pressure studies. German-Indian PPP Programm: R. Klingeler, S. Arumugam (Klingeler/D/05/57663; 2006-2008
  45. DFG KL 1824/1-1, Studies of doped spin systems in pulsed magnetic fields up to 75 Tesla. DFG Research Grant at the LNCMP Toulouse, 2004-2005