Correlated (&) Quantum Materials

Novel materials are the key for innovation and drive novel applications as well as technological breakthroughs. In particular, the quantum nature of materials involving the uncertainty principle provides new routes towards innovative materials and devices with unprecedented properties which are a prerequisite for quantum technologies. It is indeed the quantum nature of matter  ...more

Erik Walendy was awarded with the Poster Prize at the International WinterSchool on Quantum Materials, February 2024, at the University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates for his studies on 2D van-der-Waals magnets.

On TV: QUASI-Klar!

CGQ group member Lennart Singer explains how to built a lithium-ion battery.

Correlated Quantum Materials

On electronic orders, quantum disorder, frustration, interplay of spin, charge & lattice.

Magnetic Molecules & Nanomagnets

On structure-properties relationsships, magnetic exchange and anisotropy.

Materials for Lithium-ion batteries

Novel electrode materials for electrochemical energy storage.




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