Technical Infrastructure

The research and teaching at the KIP are supported by a number of special technical infrastructure. A high quality clean room for the integrated optical micro-lithography, a helium liquefaction plant with recovery, sputtering and evaporation systems, as well as a laboratory for ASIC design application-specific circuits.


The KIP has very high-quality mechanical and electronic workshops, which allow for the research and teaching innovative custom products to realize. In addition, graduate students take part in a short course to become familiar with basic skills such as turning, drilling and milling.

Library and IT-Service

The public library is open to scientists at KIP and to all studentsMaintenance and operation of the modern in-house network, as well as many other tasks in the field of computer infrastructure and software, are perceived by the IT department.


The management at the KIP performs multiple tasks, without the research projects could not be winded up. Besides the purely accounting responsibilities, including any personnel matters, efficient ordering and the secretarial support of the chairs.