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KIP provides a dynamic and diverse environment for the training of undergraduate and graduate students. Our ongoing research activities continuously generate challenging research topics which can be addressed in the frame of graduating. You will be trained by means of targeted research on an up-to-date problem of current solid state research.

Current open B.Sc. topics

  • Nanomagnets for biomedical applications
  • Studies on filled carbon nanotubes for Li-ion batteries
  • Thermal expansion of Fe-based superconductors
  • Literature review and magnetisation studies on Fe-based superconductors

Current open M.Sc. thesis topics

PhD Topics

Heidelberg University runs an ambitious PhD program which combines outstanding basic science education with training in state-of-the-art experimental techniques. The program is associated with the Heidelberg Graduate School of Excellence HGSFP and applications can be done in the annual call for applications. In addition, there are open positions which evolve from our daily research activities and are filled on the short term. We therefore invite applicants at any time to submit their CV and a description of their research interests to Prof. R. Klingeler.

Open PhD position with ILL Grenoble.