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year 2020
author(s) Eric Müller, Christian Mauch, Philipp Spilger, Oliver Julien Breitwieser, Johann Klähn, David Stöckel, Timo C. Wunderlich, Johannes Schemmel
title Extending BrainScaleS OS for BrainScaleS-2
KIP-Nummer HD-KIP 20-33
KIP-Gruppe(n) F9
document type Paper
Abstract (en)

BrainScaleS-2 is a mixed-signal accelerated neuromorphic system targeted for research in the fields of computational neuroscience and beyond-von-Neumann computing. To augment its flexibility, the analog neural network core is accompanied by an embedded SIMD microprocessor. The BrainScaleS Operating System (BrainScaleS OS) is a software stack designed for the user-friendly operation of the BrainScaleS architectures. We present and walk through the software-architectural enhancements that were introduced for the BrainScaleS-2 architecture. Finally, using a second-version BrainScaleS-2 prototype we demonstrate its application in an example experiment based on spike-based expectation maximization.

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URL arXiv pre-print
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