Atomic Quantum Systems

Prof. Markus Oberthaler


Argon Trap Trace Analysis

  • Age dating of environmental systems via 39Ar
  • Applied Quantum Technology
  • Ultrasensitive detection method using quantum optics
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Potassium BEC

  • 2D Bose-Einstein condensate of Potassium-39

  • Tunable interactions and configurable density

  • Quantum simulation and non-equilibrium dynamics

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Rubidium BEC

  • Collective Spin physics with  87Rb
  • Quasi-1D system with global and local spin control and optional lattice potential
  • Far-from equilibrium many-body dynamics
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Sodium Potassium Mixture

  • dual bosonic degenerate gases

  • high resolution imaging

  • tunable interactions in spin degree of freedom

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Recent Publications


-‘Next Generation Quantum Simulators (Dynamite)’ funded by QUANTERA ERA-NET Cofund in Quantum Technologies – Quantum Phenomena and Resources (QPR)

-‘Physical Computation’ funded by STRUCTURE  EXC2181/1

-SFB Sonderforschungsbereich 1225/1: ‚Isolierte Quantensysteme und Universalität unter extremen Bedingungen (ISOQUANT)

-'EnerQuant', funded by the BMWI, since 2020. In close collaboration with Università di Trento, Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics (ITWM), and JoS QUANTUM GmbH, we investigate possible quantum simulators for the energy market.

-'Neuartige Altersbestimmung alpiner Gletscher durch 39Ar-ATTA (ArTTA-ICE)' funded by DFG (OB 164/17-1)

-Cooperation partner in ‚Der arktische Ozean 2020 – Ventilationszeitskalen, anthropogener Kohlenstoff und Variabilität in einer sich verändernden Umgebung (VACAO)‘ funded by DFG (AE 93/21-1) (Werner Aeschbach)

-Cooperation partner in ‘ERC-2020-COG101001451 — TITANICA : A new era of transient tracers in the Arctic and Atlantic oceans’ (Núria Casacuberta Arola)