Synthetic Quantum Systems


We have organized our collaboration through the shared interest on certain topics. Below you find the different topics and the groups involved on each of them.


We are a total of four groups with overlapping research interests. We regrouped within this collaboration to strengthen our joint theory and experimental effort we investigate the exotic properties of Synthetic Quantum Systems.

Meetings and Events

Tuesday, 15. June 2021
1:00 pm CRC1225 Lunch Seminar: tba (re...
Dr. Tilman Enss, ITP, Heidelberg
Wednesday, 16. June 2021
2:00 pm Time-crystal phase transition ...
Prof. Dr. Igor Lesanovsky, Institut für Theoretische Physik, Universität Tübingen
Wednesday, 30. June 2021
2:00 pm tba...
Prof. Mark Saffman, Department of Physics at UW Madison
Tuesday, 6. July 2021
10:00 am Tutorial on Ultracold gases wi...
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Lauriane Chomaz, PI, Heidelberg
Tuesday, 13. July 2021
1:00 pm CRC1225 Lunch Seminar: Ultraco...
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Lauriane Chomaz, PI, Heidelberg
FRONTIER grant of the DFG Excellence Initiative: Simulating high-energy physics in small atomic systems.
SFB Sonderforschungsbereich 1225/1: Isolierte Quantensysteme und Universalität unter extremen Bedingungen (ISOQUANT)
Emmy-Noether research program of the DFG since 2018. It is focused on the Kondo effect in cold atoms.
CRC IsoQuant, funded by the DFG, since 2016. In close collaboration with the group of Jürgen Berges we work on the implementation of lattice gauge theories with effect in cold atoms.
FOR 2724, funded by the DFG, the since 2018. It focuses on thermal machines in the quantum world.
, funded by the BMWI, since 2020. In close collaboration with the group of Philipp Hauke, Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics (ITWM), and JoS QUANTUM GmbH, we investigate possible quantum simulators for the energy market.
Honda Research Institute (HRI) since 2021 to investigate quantum machine learning with cold atoms.