Correlated (&) Quantum Materials

Novel magnetic materials exhibit a plethora of fascinating features and aspects rendering them relevant for basic research as well as for applications. The group applies a materials-based approach to investigate fundamental aspects of magnetic interactions and electronic correlations mainly in the field of basic research. Particular focus is set on quantum ground states like unconventional superconductivity, electronic nemantic order or quantum magnetism which challenge standard theory and hence enable extending our understanding of quantum many-body systems. Basic building blocks in several of these materials are low-dimensional and/or geometrically frustrated magnetic substructures in which quantum effects are particularly pronounced. Applied materials research on battery materials and in the biomedical field illustrates how fundamental science is directly linked to application. Research topics include unconventional superconductivity, low-dimensional quantum magnets, molecular magnetism, functional magnetic oxides, and carbon-based hybride nanomaterials.


  • Scientific publications directly resulting from BSc and MSc theses (link)
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