Björn Kindler

Steffen Hohmann (2005)

Thesis Title

Stepwise Evolutionary Training Strategies for Hardware Neural Networks

Hat Features

  • DNA double-helix strand with blinking "bad" and "good" genes.
  • Recycle-bin for sorted out genes.
  • A beautiful Iris flower, since Steffen's work dealt with the classification of those.
  • Janus-faced picture of Charles Darwin.

Material Used

  • Standard nylon doctoral hat
  • Two strong pieces of aluminum wire
  • Wooden sticks of different color
  • Colored mini LEDs with blinking electronics
  • Plastic iris flower
  • Cardboard cup with plastic sheet
  • Happy and frowning faces printed on cardboard

Power supply

  • 9V block cell

Special Story

On October 19th 2005, the picture below was printed on the third page of a chinese daily newspaper called "21st Century". Nobody knows how they got it and why they printed it. A friendly student working in China found it and sent an exemplar of the newspaper to Steffen. It can be marvelled at in our lab :)

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