Far-from-equilibrium Quantum Dynamics

We are developing quantum field theory of many-particle systems, both analytically and numerically. A focus of our research is set on ultracold quantum gases nowadays studied in many laboratories world-wide, including those within our Synthetic Quantum Systems group at the Kirchhoff-Institut für Physik, as well as the Heidelberg Center for Quantum Dynamics.

Recent research topics include —

Ultracold quantum gases far from equilibrium,

Universal dynamics and quantum turbulence,

From holographic to real superfluids,

Artificial neural networks for quantum physics,

Highly correlated quantum systems and entanglement,

Our affiliations —

CQD – Heidelberg Center for Quantum Dynamics

ISOQUANT – DFG Collaborative Research Center SFB 1225

STRUCTURES – Excellence Cluster




Congratulations to Stefanie Czischek, now @ Univ. Ottawa, for receiving the Springer Theses prize:
Neural-Network Simulation of Strongly Correlated Quantum Systems
Springer Thesis Front Page - Czischek - Neural Network Simulation