Our Research Topics

  • Dynamics of ultracold atomic quantum gases - Non-equilibrium quantum field theory

    (Recent publications)

    Present and recently covered research topics:
    • The dynamics of ultracold atomic quantum gases far from thermal equilibrium.
    • Universal dynamics; non-thermal fixed points; strong wave turbulence.
    • Equilibration dynamics; generalized Gibbs ensemble.
    • Functional QFT approaches: functional Renormalisation group; 2PI effective action; functional flow equations.
    • Dynamical formation of non-classical states. Squeezing and entanglement.
    • Exactly solvable models: Lieb-Liniger gas; transverse-field Ising model.
    • Fermionic transport in Kondo-type strongly correlated systems.

    Past research topics:
    • Ultracold quantum gases in lattice trapping potentials.
    • Molecule formation in Bose-Einstein condensates.
    • Dynamical limitations to squeezing.

  • Artificial neural networks for quantum physics - Neuromorphic quantum systems

    (Recent publications)

    Present and recently covered research topics:
    • Spiking neuromorphic chips for encoding entangled quantum states.
    • Quench dynamics of neural quantum states.
    • Artificial neural networks.

    We are a member of the Excellence Cluster STRUCTURES at Heidelberg University.

  • Discrete symmetries in atomic physics


    Research interests (presently no activities):
    • Parity violation in hydrogen-like atoms.
    • Geometric (Berry) phases in open systems.