Start of tutorials: 25.04.2023


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Tutor: Lukas Gries

Time: Tuesday, 14:00 - 15:30 h 

Place: INF 227 / SR 1.403/1.404


Tutorial 1:

Exercise Sheet 1

(Scientific publication mentioned in the sheet: Y. Ikezoe et al. “Making water levitate.” Nature 393, 749 (1998))

Aim of the tutorial:

  • Understanding the effect of the shape of a magnetic object on its magnetisation.
  • Reminding yourselfs of Hund´s rules and beeing able to apply them to magnetic ions.
  • Comparing theoretical predictions with experimentally measured data.
  • Extracting information from scientific publications and understanding plotted data.
  • Making a raspberry levitate =).


Tutorial 2:

Exercise sheet 2

Aim of the tutorial:

  • Taking a closer look at para- and diamagnetism.
  • Comparing different types of paramagnetism and their temperature dependencies.
  • Getting an idea for orders of magnitude in magnetism.


Tutorial 3:

Exercise sheet 3

Aim of the tutorial:

  • Getting a basic understanding of group theory and learning the necessary definitions.
  • Beeing able to read and build a character table.
  • Learning to detect if representations are irreducable.


Tutorial 4: (20.06.23)

Exercise sheet 4

Aim of the tutorial:

  • Applying the learned knowledge on group theory.
  • Understanding the connection between orbitals and irreduciable representations.
  • Looking at the Jahn-Teller effect and the consequences to symmetries.
  • Getting a deeper understanding of character tables.


Tutorial 5: (03.07.23)

Exercise sheet 5

Aim of the tutorial:

  • Revising ferromagnets and magnons.
  • Calculating the spin-flop behaviour of a classic uniaxial antiferromagnet.
  • Reading and understanding a scientific publication.


Tutorial 6: (12.07.23)

Publication to be discussed:

Tsuyoshi Yamaminami, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Volume 517, 2021, 167401


Aim of the tutorial:

  • Reading and understanding a scientific publication.
  • Beeing able to discuss the contents, methods, data and results of the publication.
  • Getting to know about the dissipative nature of SPM in ac-magnetic fields and a resulting application in cancer treatment.