Quantum Magnets - Basic Theory and Relevant Experiments

While magnetism is a purely quantum mechanical phenomenon in itself, quantum phenomena are particularly pronounced and can be directly accessed by experiments in systems with sufficiently small localized spins and reduced effective dimensionality. In these so-called Quantum Magnets the macroscopic  behavior is  dominated by quantum fluctuations. Quantum magnets reveil exotic ground states and unusual excitations, and long range order may be even completely suppressed by quantum disorder. The lecture will give an introduction to the basics of magnetic spin systems, magnetic interactions and (quantum) phase transitions while the main focus will concern experimental results on low-dimension quantum spin systems. Lecture + Tutorials are associated with 4 CPs.


Schedule of examinations at Monday, July 29th, 2019


Link: Nobel Prize in Physics 2016 for Kosterlitz, Thouless, and Haldane (see chapters 3 and 6)!

Link to online registration: HERE



  1. A review on magnetism basics
  2. 0D quantum magnets: Molecular magnetism
  3. 1D quantum magnets
  4. Quantum magnets in external magnetic field
  5. Magnetic frustration
  6. 2D quantum magnets and high-Tc superconductors