Literature for further reading

  • S. Blundell: Magnetism in Condensed Matter. Good basic introduction.
  • A.H. Morrish: The Physical principles of Magnetism. Reprint from 1965. Detailed and good description of the field. Sometimes old notation, but recommended both for introduction and research.
  • W. Nolting, A. Ramakanth: Quantum Theory of Magnetism. Comprehensive theoretical introduction into magnetism. Good theory textbook.
  • P. Fazekas: LECTURE NOTES ON ELECTRON CORRELATION AND MAGNETISM. Very good theory book bridging back magnetism to electron correlations. High level (but also good for experimentalists).
  • N. Majlis: The Quantum Theory of Magnetism. Textbook for a theoretical condensed matter magnetism course. Sophisticated
  • Daniel I. Khomskii: Basic Aspects of the Quantum Theory of Solids: Order and Elementary Excitations