Ongoing projects:

Finished projects:

  • BMBF-Nachwuchsgruppe (IFW Dresden) (03SF0340)  
    2008-2011, in the frame of Innovationsallianz LIB 2015, BMBF/PTJ
  • KL1824/4: Synthesis of doped and undoped vanadium and titanium oxide nanotubes and study of their magnetic and electronic properties
    DFG (Forschungsaufenthalt G. Zakharova)
  • Marie-Curie Research Training Network: Multifunctional Carbon Nanotubes for Biomedical Applications (CARBIO)
    Coordination + Management of the RTN
    Research Topic 7: Non-invasive intracellular sensors and markers: NMR studies
    Research Topic 10: Magnetically filled CNT as intracellular probes for heating
  • Workshop Physics and Chemistry of FeAs-based Superconductors

  • Marie-Curie Incoming International Fellowship for Dr. A. Bajpai
    Synthesis of new materials based on half metallic ferromagnet CrO2 and optimization of its properties for spin-electronics (MIF1-CT-2006-040127-NewMatCr)
  • Research stay Dr. O. Volkova (6 months)  
    Coexistence of ferroelectricity and magnetism in incommensurate spiral magnets. Search for new multiferroics (DFG KL 1824/3-1)

  • IFW core group: R. Klingeler, T. Gemming, B. Rellinghaus, M. Richter
    Project 5: Vanadiumoxid-Nanotubes (1 PhD)

  • Russian-German Joint Laboratory on Quantum ground states: The role of reduced dimensionality and frustration
  • Single phase multiferroics: Synthesis and physical properties

    2006-2008 (HE 3439/6)
  • Structural effects on charge and orbital order probed by hydrostatic and uniaxial pressure studies
    German-Indian PPP Programm: R. Klingeler, S. Arumugam (Klingeler/D/05/57663; 2006-2008
  • Studies of doped spin systems in pulsed magnetic fields up to 75 Tesla
    DFG Research Grant at the LNCMP Toulouse (KL 1824/1-1)
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