Physikalisches Kolloquium

Sommersemester 2022

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Kirchhoff-Institut für Physik, Otto-Haxel-Hörsaal
Friday 17:15

1.7.2022 17:00
Dr. Michelangelo Mangano, Department of Theoretical Physics, CERN
INF 308, Hörsaal 1

Particle physics is engaged in a worldwide effort to deepen our understanding of key issues, from the origin of dark matter and neutrino masses, to the dynamics of electroweak symmetry breaking and of non-perturbative strong interactions. A wide landscape of facilities and experiments, in the laboratory, in the sky and underground, in addition to theoretical work, are mobilized in these efforts. In this landscape, collider experiments play a special role, and, with the current success of the LHC, are consolidating their unique potential to continue driving the future progress.