Advanced Seminar on Condensed Matter Physics (AG Klingeler)

Sommersemester 2023

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INF 227, SR 1.403
Friday 11:00

26.5.2023 14:00
Dr. Nan Tang, Augsburg University
INF 227, HS 2 (different room/time)

Spin ice is a prototypical state of frustrated magnets, in which Ising spins form a short-range "2-in, 2-out" correlation instead of a long range order due to geometrical frustrations of pyrochlore lattice. Local Ising anisotropy induced by the competition between crystal electric field effect and magnetic interactions play important roles to stabilize such spin-ice correlations. Generally, frustrated magnets show characteristic magnetostrictive responses and in this study, we measured both magnetization and magnetostriction of classical spin ice Ho2Ti2O7 and quantum spin ice Pr2Zr2O7 under high magnetic fields to explore the regime beyond the Ising limit. In the talk, I will give an extensive introduction on basics of spin ice, and present the latest experimental results and the corresponding simulations by McPhase.