Geometry & Topology in Physics


Thomas Gasenzer and Jan Martin Pawlowski

Tuesday, 11:15-13:00, SR Pw 19 [LSF]

Wednesday, 09:15-11:00, every 2nd week, SR Pw 19
Practice group: tba.

Prerequisites - Content - Literature - Exercises & Bonus material - Script - Script WS 08/09 (different focus)

Prerequisites: Theoretical Physics I-IV, basic knowledge of QFT

Content of lecture series

The lecture course provides an introduction to geometrical and topological effects in physics, applications range from quantum mechanics to quantum field theory.

Outline in key words

  • Symmetries & topological exitations:
    Scalar field theory, solitons, fermions & index theorems, dilute gas expansion, applications

  • Gauge theories & homotopy:
    Abelian Higgs model, Bogomol'nyi bound, homotopy, topological invariants & classification

  • Non-Abelian gauge theories:
    Setting, instantons, zero modes, collective coordinates & moduli space, fermionic zero modes & Atiyah-Singer index theorem, topology & confinement

  • Gauge anomalies:
    Cocycles, Wess-Zumino consistency condition, consistent & covariant anomalies

  • Topology & dynamics:
    Dynamics, vortices, scaling

  • Seiberg-Witten:
    Supersymmetry, chiral multiplets, N=2 Susy Yang-Mills, super-conformal Ward-Id's, dualities


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