HEP Detector R&D

The development of novel photo detectors allows for new detector concepts in a broad variety of fields. In particular, silicon based photo detectors, so called SiPMs, combine single photon resolution with a compact size and low operating voltages compared to common photo detectors. Additionally, the insensitivity against external magnetic fields is crucial for many applications. The detector R&D group at KIP is working on high precision SiPM based detectors for high energy physics experiments, including the development of high performance custom readout electronics.


Calorimeter Development for the ILC

Within the CALICE collaboration, the detector R&D group at KIP is working on the development of an analog hadronic calorimeter for a future linear collider.

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The Mu3e Experiment

Our group participates in the development of the Mu3e experiment for which we are building a high precision time-of-flight detector.

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Our group takes part in the development of an endoscopic PET system for cancer diagnosis.

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SiPM Readout Development

Our group is developing SiPM readout electronics for particle physics experiments and medical imaging applications. Here you can find information about the different ASICs, download the relevant software package, user guide, and publication list.

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Being part of the Marie Curie network PicoSEC, the development of readout electronics and detector integration for applications in calorimetry and PET is one focus of the group.

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Virtual SiPM Laboratory

Within the Helmholtz-Alliance this project aims at sharing and combining knowledge about SiPMs at different institutes in Germany.

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