Research Training Group: HighRR - High Resolution and High Rate Detectors

The Research Training Group High Resolution and High Rate Detectors in Nuclear and Particle Physics (HighRR) is dedicated to research and education in pure detector science; its particular emphasis is on the instrumentation of novel experiments in nuclear, particle and high energy physics. New developments in this area are not straight forward and necessitate substantial knowledge on many aspects of modern technology. The special focus of the detector research group at KIP lies in the area of triggering, fast timing detectors based on scintillators read out with Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPMs); the latter are developed for applications in both high energy physics and medical imaging, e.g. PET. The different detector R&D activities of the group are described here. All HighRR PhD students are also members of the Heidelberg Graduate School of Fundamental Physics (HGSFP).

There are typically two rounds of applications per year (December and May). Further information can be found on the websites of the graduate school, or you contact us: