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Our working group is always open for talented and motivated applicants. Interested? Here are the available bachelor, master and PhD thesis as well as open positions for PostDocs.

Possible Topics

EndoToFPET-US Project

Commissioning of the EndoToFPET-US external plate detector (Master)

The thesis topic is related to the medical physics project: EndoToFPET-US, which aims to build an imaging tool for early stage cancer diagnosis.
The focus of the work is to participate in the commissioning of one detector plate for Time of Flight Positron Emission Tomography.  It involves development and calibration of complex particle detectors, electronics and software systems.  Image reconstruction will also be part of the work.

Characterization and optimization on scintillator-SiPM systems for CALICE and the Mu3e Experiment

Measurement of the time resolution of fast shaping Silicon Photomultipliers (Bsc)

The topic of this thesis is to characterize fast shaping SiPMs (SensL), measure the time resolution and compare the devices to other SiPM types. The fast shaping SiPMs are an interesting alternative for the readout of scintillation light in the Mu3e Tile detector.

Development of a SiPM characterization test-stand (Bsc)

The topic of this thesis is to develop an automatized test-stand for Silicon Photomultipliers. This involves setting up and optimizing the experimental setup, automatizing the DAQ and testing and optimizing the software data analysis.

Measurement of optical cross-talk between scintillator tiles for the Mu3e experiment

The topic of this thesis is to measure the optical cross-talk between two scintillators for the Mu3e experiment. Different optical isolation options can be studies, as well as the influence on the time resolution of the system.

Tests and characterization of SiPM readout electronics (ASICs)



>>> Programming experience is recommended for all topics!


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