17.11.2020: Fermi surface of nickel

Experimental determination of fermi surfaces as introduced in PEP5/MKEP2.1: de Haas van Alphen and Photoemission experiments.

Aim: (1) Reminding yourself to the experimental methods. (2) Reminder on Fermi surfaces of metals.


1.12.2020: Peierls instability

Aim: Discussing experimental evidence of Peierls instabiliy and CDW formation.


15.12.2020: Mott-Hubbard gap in NiO 

12.1.2021: Spin-charge separation

26.1.2021: Kondo effect in quantum dots

9.2.2021: Geometrical frustration in a triangular antiferromagnet


Questions to be addressed in each tutorial session:

  1. Which experiment has been done? What is the experimental set-up, how does it work?
  2. What can be learnt from this experiment in general? How do the results look like in general, let's say on the textbook-level?
  3. What are the results in this particular case?
  4. How to analyze/interpret the results? 
  5. What can be extracted for the general understanding of this material?
  6. Any other related question which you may find interesting.