To be discussed at:

24.10.2013: Transmission Electron Microscopy


31.10.2013: Scannig Tunneling Microscopy


07.11.2013: Atomic Force Microscopy


14.11.2013: Photoemission Spectroscopy on Nanoparticles


21.11.2013: Size dependent melting temeprature on small particles


28.11.2013: Gecko effect


05.12.2013: Reduced Metallic Property of Small Clusters


12.12.2013: Fluxionality of Nanocrystals


19.12.2013: Surface Plasmon Resonance in Nanoparticles


09.01.2014: Magnetic Nanoparticles I


16.01.2014: Magnetic Nanoparticles II


23.01.2014: Fullerene 


Questions to be addressed in each tutorial session:

  1. Which experiment has been done? What is the experimental set-up, how does it work?
  2. What can be learnt from this experiment in general? How do the results would look like if everything was 'perfect', let's say in a sketch on the textbook-level?
  3. What are the results in this particular case?
  4. How to analyze/interpret the results? 
  5. What can be extracted for the general understanding of this effect/material/etc?
  6. Any other related question which you may find interesting.