Advanced Experimental Methods in Condensed Matter Physics

Sommersemester 2021

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Prof. Dr. Christian Enss, Prof. Dr. Martjin Kemerink, Prof. Dr. R├╝diger Klingeler

Tuesday 16:00 h
There is a restricted number of topics. The assignment of the final topics will be during the first seminar session on Apr 13th, 2021 where the topics will be introduced. The seminars and the assignment session will be held online, via a zoom meeting. To participate in the assignment session, please use the Registration. This does not mean you have to participate in the seminar, but allows you to attend the assignment session by invitation.

Possible Topics are listed here:

Materials for lithium-ion batteries (Cathode or Anode)
Molecular magnets: fundamentals properties
Frustrated quantum magnets
Multiferroics: Coupling of magnetic and dielectric properties for application
2D functional oxides
Athermal phonon propagation and phonon focusing
Amorphous materials at low temperatures
Cryogenic Micro-Calorimeters for radiation and particle detection
Physics and applications of Josephson junctions

For further information about the seminar, see Registration.

11.5.2021 16:00 h
Daniel Kreuzberger
18.5.2021 16:00 h
Sarah Philips
25.5.2021 16:00 h
Wassily Holzmann
1.6.2021 16:00 h
Marta Kruhlik
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