Letters of Reference

Grant programs for students usually require a letter of reference from a university professor. I will be happy to give support. The reference will be based on your formal achievements and on an interview. For the interview please observe the following :

  • Plan well ahead ! Your interview should take place a minimum of 4 weeks ahead of the submission deadline for the application. The has been a huge increase in requests so unfortunately we cannot make exceptions.

  • Agree on an appointment for our interview directly with my secretary. There is no need to contact me before as this would only delay the process. I guarantee to write a reference letter if you follow the rules.

  • Bring original version of your course documents and final scool exams. I don't need copies but will just look at the originals and take notes.

  • Inform yourself well about the formal requirements for the letter like language, form, deadlines, process of submission).

  • During the interview we will discuss the relevance of the application for your career development, your interests and knowledge in physics (based on the lectures attended so far) and any other relevant activitiy you may have pursued outside your university studies (if requested). The interview will last for about 30 minutes.

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