Why Teaching ?

Physics is an incomplete science. Physical laws often meet their limits when confronted with experimental results obtained at previously inaccessible scales. Scales can be spatial distances, time, temperature, complexity and many others. Teaching should enable you to cut across those limits with experiment and theory. It should point out where those limits are. It should encourage you to look beyond those limits by applying the systematic approaches of physics. If all you want to know is how a fridge works I highly recommend the excellent articles on Wikipedia. This wonderful tool will also tell you that my ideas are actually ancient.


Please use the Heidelberg LSF system to learn about the course program of the department and the entire university. My personal entry in the LSF can be found here.

All internal information as well as the teaching material for a specific lecture or seminar are accessible through the Heidelberg elearning-platform (Moodle). For access you will need  a course specific keyword. The keyword is announced during the first course day.

To register for tutorials or to see your results in written exams use this link.

Advice and Mentoring

I am officially available in my office for discussions/questions Tuesday from 3 pm (all year round). Please ask for an appointment in my secretariat. Other good opportunities to talk are before or after lectures/seminars or whenever you see me at the KIP or on campus.

For administrative matters it is advisable that you first contact with my secretary which will be able to settle most requests without me interfering. If you want to talk about science just pass by whenever you feel like it.This is a most enjoyable thing for me ! Unfortunatley this is very rare ... :-(

Please consult the following links for exams and reference letters.

All e-mails to this adress are automatically copied to my secretary and are likely to be processed directly from there. 

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