The Human Brain Project (active)

The HBP is one of the two European Flagship Projects in the area of Future Emerging Technologies (FET). Our group is leading the division for neuromorphic computing and Karlheinz Meier is the HBP co-director. A major goal is the link of neuromorphic architectures to large scale supercomputer simulations of the brain based on the integration of neurscience data. The project started in october 2013 and will run for 10 years.

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The BrainScaleS Project (2010-2015)

Our work in this project is dedicated to the development and use of a hybrid multiscale facility (HMF), which merges a Turing-Machine type programmed computer with a configurable physical model of neural circuits. The BrainScaleS  project is coordinated by the Heidelberg group.

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FACETS-ITN (2009-2013)

FACETS Marie-Curie-ITN was a spin-off from FACETS. As a Marie-Curie Network it offered interdisciplinary training for PhD students for their better integration into the resarch projects. The ITN was coordinated by the Heidelberg group. 

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The Brain-i-Nets Project (2010-2012)

In this project we worked on concepts to provide neuromorphic systems with the ability to self-organize based on learning rules derived from biology. Our group developed a novel hybrid concept for learning in hardware.

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The FACETS Project (2005-2010)

The acronym FACETS stands for Fast Analogue Computing with Emergent Transient States. The Heidelberg group worked on hardware implementations of spike-based networks und coordinated the project. FACETS has pioneered wafer scale integration of neural circuits and a platform independent description language (PyNN) for neural networks.

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Our projects are supported by the European Commission. We owe special thanks to the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) program for their very open minded and supportive approach to new ideas and for their continued commitment to European collaboration in science.

We thank the Manfred Stärk Foundation for their generous support and strong interest in our project. 

Karlheinz Meier
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