Infrared Spectroscopy

Dynamical properties of nanofilms and adsorbate layers in the infrared (IR)

Spectroscopy in the IR region enables simultaneous investigations of free charge carriers, of low energy electronic transitions, of optical phonons, and, via adsorbate vibrations, of catalytic processes on metal surfaces.

We have three ultra high vacuum (UHV) chambers connected to individual Bruker FTIR-spectrometers for in-situ transmittance and reflectance studies under UHV conditions. A variety of detectors and beamspliters for the spectrometers make measurments from the far- to the near-infrared spectral range possible.The UHV-chambers (base pressure <10-10 mbar ) are equipped with different instruments for surface preparation (evaporators, sputter guns) and characterization (LEED, RHEED). Sample temperatures can be regulated between 30 K and 1000 K.

Exemplary set-up for IR spectroscopy under UHV conditions.

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