Dynamics of cold atomic gases


Thomas Gasenzer

Wednesday, 09:15-10:45, INF 227 SR 3.401, Start: 18 April 2007

  • Introduction (Atomic Bose-Einstein condensates and (degenerate) Fermi gases, experiments, observables)
  • Introduction to mean field theory (Gross-Pitaevskii dynamics, hydrodynamics, excitations near equilibrium)
  • Dynamics close to equilibrium beyond mean field (Boltzmann's kinetic theory, kinetic theory of Bose-Einstein condensates, Beliaev theory, Landau damping)
  • Quantum field theory far from equilibrium (Path integral approach, effective action, 2PI theory, perturbation theory and loop expansion, 1/N resummation)
  • Applications and phenomena (Equilibration, classical vs. quantum dynamics, classical simulations, dynamics near phase transitions)

  • Quantum Mechanics (Theoretical Physics III), Statistical Mechanics (Theor. Phys. IV)
  • Quantum field theory, Path integrals in Quantum Physics would be helpful for the second part of the lecture.

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