Prof. Dr. Christian Enss

Curiculum Vitae


Scientific Career and International Experience

            1991:      PhD in physics, Heidelberg University

   1992-1993:      Postdoc at Brown University, USA              

   1994-1996:      Research Associate Heidelberg University

            1996:      Habilitation in Physics Heidelberg University

   1996-1998:      Lecturer Heidelberg University

   1998-1999:      Professor Bayreuth University (temporary stand in)

   1999-2001:      Lecturer Heidelberg University

   2001-2002:      Professor Konstanz University (temporary stand in)

   2002-2004:      Associate Professor Brown University, USA

   since 2004:      Professor (C4) Heidelberg University

   since 2006:      Visiting Professor Brown University, USA 

            2011:      Visiting Professor Goddard Space Flight Center, USA

   since 2016:      Visiting Professor Aalto University, Finland 

Main Research Fields

Investigation of fundamental properties of condensed matter at low temperatures: Main interests are in amorphous materials, disordered crystals and spin glasses. Beyond condensed matter physics other areas of fundamental and applied physics, in particular, the development and application of cryogenic detectors for astronomy (x-ray spectroscopy), particle physics (neutrino mass determination), and atomic physics (Lamb-shift experiments).


Selected Services to the Community         

   since 2004:      Member int. advisory board of the Phonon Conference Series

   since 2005:      Member int. committee of Low Temp. Detector Conference Series

   since 2005:      Member int. advisory board of the Low Temp. Conference Series

   since 2005:      Member int. advisory board of the Ultra Low Temp. Conference Series

   2005-2007:      Managing Director Kirchhoff- Institute for Physics

   since 2007:      Co-Organizer of Marie Curie Summer Schools for Low. Temp. Physics

   since 2008:      Member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Low Temperature Physics

   2008-2013:      Member of the scientific advisory board of the Innovation Lab MRN

   2009-2011:      Chair of the Faculty for Physics and Astronomy Heidelberg University

       08/2011:      Chair of the 14th International Workshop on Low Temperature Detectors

   2011-2013:      Managing Director Kirchhoff-Institute for Physics

            2012:      Chair of the panel for the evaluation of physics in Finland                             

            2014:      Member of the panel for the PoF evolution of the Helmholtz Association

  since 2014:      Coordinator of the European Microkelvin Platform EMP

            2015:      Member of the panel of the 2009-2014 evaluation of the Institute Néel

   since 2015:     Spokesperson of the DFG Research Unit: FOR2202 – ECHo

   since 2015:     Series Editor Condensed Matter Physics, DeGruyter

   since 2015:     Chair of the  int. committee of Low Temp. Detector Conference Series

   since 2016:     Chair of the Low Temperature Section of  the European Physical Society

   since 2016:     Member of the Finish Academy of Science and Letters

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