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Circuits and methods for VLSI design

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Seminarbox 1 (01.107)
Wednesday 16:00
Weekly seminar of the Heidelberg ASIC-Laboratory

7.4.2021 16:00
Johannes Weis
14.4.2021 16:00
Dr. Johannes Schemmel
  • 15.1 A Programmable Neural-Network Inference Accelerator Based on Scalable In-Memory Computing H. Jia, M. Ozatay*, Y. Tang*, H. Valavi*, R. Pathak*, J. Lee, N. Verma Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
  • 15.2 A 2.75-to-75.9TOPS/W Computing-in-Memory NN Processor Supporting Set-Associate Block-Wise Zero Skipping and Ping-Pong CIM with Simultaneous Computation and Weight Updating J. Yue1,2, X. Feng1 , Y. He1 , Y. Huang1 , Y. Wang2 , Z. Yuan1 , M. Zhan1 , J. Liu1 , J-W. Su3 , Y-L. Chung3 , P-C. Wu3 , L-Y. Hung3 , M-F. Chang3 , N. Sun1 , X. Li1 , H. Yang1 , Y. Liu1 1Tsinghua University, Beijing, China 2Pi2star Technology, Beijing, China 3National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan

ISSCC 21 Program

21.4.2021 16:00
Dr. Johannes Schemmel
Seminarbox 1 (01.107)