Coordinated and co-supervised work


PhD projects

Solving machine learning problems with biological principles

Luziwei Leng, PhD Thesis 2019

Modeling and Verification for a Scalable  Neuromorphic Substrate

Paul Müller, PhD Thesis 2017

Computing with Noise in Spiking Neural Networks

Ilja Bytschok, PhD Thesis 2017


Master's projects

Training Deep Networks with Time-to-First-Spike Coding on the BrainScaleS Wafer-Scale System

Julian Göltz, Master's Thesis 2019

Implementing spike-based tempering on the BrainScaleS-1 mixed-signal neuromorphic system

Madison Cotteret, Master's Thesis 2019

Demonstrating Advantages of Neuromorphic Computation

Timo Wunderlich, Master's Thesis 2019

A Markovian Model of LIF Networks

Nico Gürtler, Master's Thesis 2018

Spatio-Temporal Predictions with Spiking Neural Networks

Maximilian Zenk, Master's Thesis 2018

Simulated Tempering in Spiking Neural Networks

Agnes Korcsak-Gorzo, Master's Thesis 2017

Sampling with leaky integrate-and-fire neurons on the HICANNv4 neuromorphic chip

Akos Kungl, Master's Thesis 2016

Magnetic Phenomena in Spiking Neural Networks

Andreas Baumbach, Master's Thesis 2016

Stochastic Computation in Spiking Neural Networks Without Noise

Dominik Dold, Master's Thesis 2016

Towards a Neuromorphic Implementation of Spike-Based Expectation Maximization

Oliver Breitwieser, Master's Thesis 2015

Generative Properties of LIF-based Boltzmann Machines

Roman Martel, Master's Thesis 2015

A Neural Implementation of Probabilistic Inference in Binary Probability Spaces

Dimitri Probst, Master's Thesis 2014

Deep Learning Architectures for Neuromorphic Hardware

Luziwei Leng, Master's Thesis 2014


Bachelor's projects

The Effect of Asymmetric Weight Variability on Sampling Processes based on Boltzmann Machines in Neuromorphic Hardware Applications

Jannik Fehre, Bachelor's Thesis 2017

Accelerated Classification in Hierarchical Neural Networks on Neuromorphic Hardware

Carola Fischer, Bachelor's Thesis 2017

Struktur schafft Robustheit: Eine Untersuchung hierarchischer neuronaler Netzwerke mit unpräzisen Komponenten

Anna Schroeder, Bachelor's Thesis 2016

STDP-Based Contrastive Divergence Training for LIF-Based Boltzmann Machines

Christian Weilbach, Bachelor's Thesis 2015

Firing States of Recurrent Leaky Integrate-and-Fire Networks

Agnes Korcsak-Gorzo, Bachelor's Thesis 2015

Boltzmann Sampling with Neuromorphic Hardware

David Stöckel, Bachelor's Thesis 2015

Predictive Stochastic Inference: From Abstract Models to Neuromorphic Implementation

Marco Roth, Bachelor's Thesis 2015

On the Memory Characteristic of a Cortical Attractor Network

Boris Rivkin, Bachelor's Thesis 2014

Distanzmaße für Spiketrains im Rahmen der Optimierung von Neuronparametern

Jonathan Born, Bachelor's Thesis 2012

Investigation of a Cortical Attractor-Memory Network

Oliver Breitwieser, Bachelor's Thesis 2011


Diploma projects

Toward Belief Propagation on Neuromorphic Hardware

Venelin Petkov, Diploma Thesis 2012

From Shared Input to correlated Neuron Dynamics: Development of a Predictive Framework

Ilja Bytschok, Diploma Thesis 2011

Distortions of Neural Network Models Induced by Their Emulation on Neuromorphic Hardware Devices

Paul Müller, Diploma Thesis 2011