Team Building


While our dedication to scientific excellence remains unwavering, we also understand the importance of team dynamics and camaraderie. This commitment to a well-rounded experience was recently showcased during our most exhilarating event of the year – the 18km Xletic Run in August.

This year, our team stepped out of the labs and into their running shoes to participate in the Xletic Run. The event provided an opportunity for our members to not only push their physical limits but also strengthen the bonds that make our group a close-knit community.

Group Seminars

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond the confines of laboratory walls. We understand the value of fostering strong connections among our teams, and that's why our group seminars are much more than just meetings. They are opportunities for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and team building.

Our most recent group seminar in Austria, held in March, brought together the vibrant minds of our teams from Heidelberg and Münster, all eager to discuss the latest developments and updates in our research domain.

These seminars are not just about sharing ideas; they're about strengthening our bonds as a community. We focus on common working procedures such as coding, lab utilization, and fabrication methods to ensure that our teams are in sync, working efficiently, and producing outstanding results.

But we believe that balance is essential in all aspects of life. That's why our group seminars also include activities that engage both the mind and the body. Whether it's skiing in the snowy Austrian slopes or riding the waves in Biarritz, France, our team building activities are designed to inspire creativity and foster a sense of camaraderie. We firmly believe that active minds work best when accompanied by active bodies.

Our group seminars are more than just professional gatherings; they are experiences that nurture collaboration, innovation, and friendships. We look forward to more exciting seminars in the future, where we can continue to connect minds and bodies, further enhancing our research and the bonds that make our institute a true family.

Group seminar in Biarritz in 2022

Group seminar in Montafon in 2023

Group seminar in Meransen in 2024

Other Activities