We always have interesting topics for Bachelor, Master and PhD Projects. Some examples are listed below.


If you are interested in our group's work please contact Prof. Pernice for further information.

Bachelor Project

Analysis of Profile and Transmission in a Photonic Integrated Circuit for UV photonics

Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) are met in a variety of applications from sensing and parallel photonic computing to quantum computing on different platforms. This thesis is located in a project environment aiming for quantum computing in neutral atoms. Fabricated with precision of few nanometers, waveguides are the most basic building blocks of PICs. Their quality and specifications are key to any passive or active photonic element. Surface quality and etch profile directly influence propagation losses, and therefore transmission all over a PIC.

In this thesis the candidate will measure waveguide profiles of fabrication tests with nanometer resolution technology like scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and develop parameter sets for ongoing fabrication tests. The candidate will provide an analysis of the relationship between the process parameters and the resulting profile, etch rate and surface qualities. In addition, an analysis of the transmission of UV light depending on the waveguide profile should be developed.


For further information please contact Klara Meyer-Hermann or Prof. Pernice.

Master Project

High Speed Modulation of InP DFB lasers on PIC for high data transfer rate

For the sender of a QKD-module, fast light modulation in GHz range is required to achieve a high data transfer rate. The thesis involves the characterisation of sender prototypes and optimise electrical modulation for this application. In a second step, an electrical design for driving the modulation on a pcb should be designed and tested.


For further information please contact Julius Römer or Prof. Pernice.

Bachelor/Master/PhD Project

Unraveling the potential of phase change materials in neuromorphic photonics

Are you passionate about cutting-edge research and eager to dive into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence and neural networks? If so, we have an exciting opportunity waiting for you! We are currently seeking dedicated and motivated students to join our team for a project focused on the implementation of phase change materials in neural networks and the design of laser setups in our advanced laboratory. As a part of this project, you will actively contribute to the design and implementation of novel laser setups, allowing an in-depth analysis of these materials in terms of behavior and characteristics. By joining our team, you will have the opportunity to:

  1. Develop your scientific skills and expand your knowledge in an area of research that has far-reaching implications.
  2. Learn and contribute to the fabrication of photonic chips, pushing the boundaries of what is currently possible in the field.
  3. Gain hands-on experience in material characterization methods, such as scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy.

Our experienced team members and specialists will guide you throughout the project, providing valuable mentorship and support. This experience will not only enhance your academic profile but also provide you with a competitive edge in your future career endeavors.

If you are a driven and enthusiastic student with a background in physics, photonics, or a related field, we encourage you to seize this incredible opportunity. Contact us and join us in the development of next-generation artificial intelligence and edge computing technologies.


For further information please contact Shabnam Taheriniya or Prof. Pernice.

PhD projects

For more open PhD projects, please contact Prof. Pernice.