DETNI Readout Chip

For next generation of spallation neutron sources three advanced detector types are being developed in the European FP6 Joint Research Activity DETNI. Envisioned signal rates are up to 10 6 /(cm 2 s) locally and up to 10 8 /s over the total detector module. All detectors, i.e. double-sided silicon strip detectors, low-pressure microstrip gas chambers and gas electron multipliers, use two sets of orthogonal readout strips for providing two-dimensional position resolution. Therefore, in addition to low noise for strip capacitances of about 30 pF, at the high rates front-end electronic must deliver precise timing information to correlate signals from X and Y strips within a 4 ns time window. Furthermore, due to the high occupancy ASIC architecture is set up to realize on-chip de-randomization, while maintaining time as well as pulse height information. These functions will be realized in an entirely data driven architecture with self-triggering of the front-end circuit. The ASIC will be suitable also for two-dimensional measurements of X-rays using double-sided silicon strip detectors or microstrip gas chambers with two orthogonal readout planes.

Documentation is available via the Detni project's home page in the ASIC lab.

Further documentation is available via the successor chip nXYTER's project's home page at GSI.

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