Research projects

The responsibility of the laboratory is the development and test of

  • Application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) and
  • Programmable logic circuits of any kind,

as well as the integration of these components into complete systems, with respect to hardware and software. Current projects exist in the area of equipment for particle physics experiments and in the area of physics of medicine.

Further emphasis is put on academic education and industrial cooperation, as it can be supported e. g. by the FUSE project (First Users Action) of the EU.


The goal in education is to establish contact between the laboratory and the students as soon as possible. Lectures on electronics and chip design as well as courses in the usage of modern computer tools, e. g. computer algebra system, are complemented by laboratory practicals and offers for students to work in the laboratory during their vacancies. Here smaller tasks are solved by the students under guidance.

The Institute has a hardware laboratory at its disposal that is open to students of all faculties. The goal is to enable the students to gain ind

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