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Chip Gallery

HICANN-X (2019)

HICANN-DLS Prototype Chip ver. 3 (DLS-3, 2016)

HICANN-DLS Prototype Chip ver. 2 (DLS-2, 2015)

HICANN-DLS Prototype Chip ver. 1 (DLS-1, 2014)

High Input Count Analog Neural Network Chip (HICANN, 2009)

Spiking Neural Network Chip, Version 4 (Spikey4, 2009)

L1 Bus Prototype (2009)

Floating Gate Prototype (2008)

Spiking Neural Network Chip (Spikey, 2005)

Vision Enhancement for a Neural Network Architecture (VIENNA, 2003)

Heidelberg AnaloG Evolvable Network (HAGEN, 2001)

Field Programmable Transistor Array (FPTA, 2001)

High Dynamic Range Image Sensor (EvoOpt, 2000)

Mixed-Signal Neural Network (EvoOpt, 2000)

Logarithmic Response Image Sensor (Divichi, 1999)

EDge Detection Array (EDDA, 1999)

Adaptive Pixels 64x64 (1996)

Adaptive Pixels 20x20 (1996)