Feb. 2020 A Brief Lecture on DAQ & Trigger
EDIT School 2020, Hamburg.
Mai 2019 Dark Matter at the LHC
International Summer School of Astroparticle Physics, Heidelberg.
Feb. 2017 Recent News from ATLAS
KSETA Plenary Workshop, Karlsruhe.
Juli 2016 LC Detector Concepts
Linear Collider School, Frauenchiemsee.
Mar. 2014 Silicon Photomultipliers and their Application in HEP and Medical Imaging
LHCb Retreat, Neckarzimmern.
Okt. 2008 LHC Physics and its Impact on Cosmology
Schule fü Astroteilchenphysik, Obertrubach-Bärnfels.
Apr. 2007 LHC Physics with ATLAS and CMS
Heidelberger Graduiertentage, Heidelberg.
Sep. 2006 Physics at HERA - Structure Functions
Herbstschule Maria Laach, Maria Laach.
Sep. 2005 QCD at HERA
Corfu Summer Institute, Korfu.
Sep. 2003       HERA Physics
Joint Belgian-Dutch-German Summer School, Walberberg.
Juli 2003 HERA Collider Physics
Summer Student Lectures, DESY.
Aug. 2002 HERA Collider Physics
Summer Student Lectures, DESY.
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