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infrarotspektroskopie organischer Halbleiterschichten ( im SFB 1249 )

Annemarie Pucci's group at the Kirchhoff Institute for Physics at Heidelberg University is active in basic research for organic electronics. The research focuses on molecular vibrations and electronic excitations of organic semiconductor thin films in the infrared energy range. The experimental studies of the project concerned are devoted to the properties of molecules at interfaces and in mixed systems. These studies are mainly performed under ultra-high vacuum (UHV) conditions.


We are seeking applications from potential PhD students who are interested in vibrational spectroscopy, organic layer deposition, and UHV characterization methods. The applicants should have a physics degree (master of science or diploma physicist).

We have one open PhD position (in physics) for 3 years starting on January 1st in 2018. The PhD research is part of the SFB 1249 "N -heteropolycycles as functional materials" (see project C03). 

Please send your application with your CV and your records of study to the email address .
Annemarie Pucci
Dark matter searches using a Trigger-Level analysis with the ATLAS detector

The ATLAS group at the Kirchhoff Institute for Physics at Heidelberg University is active in many searches for dark matter including a search with di-jet events, using jets reconstructed from the high level trigger system (trigger-level analysis). By only using jet information from the trigger system, this analysis is able to profit from high trigger event rates and is thereby sensitive to lower dark matter mediator masses compared to the traditional di-jet search. However, trigger jets do not currently use information from the tracking system and therefore are subject to larger experimental uncertainties. We are seeking applications from potential PhD students who are interested in working on future trigger-level searches. This work would include integration of tracking information from a hardware fast-tracking system (FTK) into the high-level trigger as well as development of new trigger level analyses.

The ATLAS group at Heidelberg University is a diverse group with strong participation in both searches for new physics, such as dark matter searches as well as precision Standard Model measurements such as di-jet, W+jets and triboson cross section measurements.

We have openings for two students. The first round of applications is due November 30th, although later applications can be considered. Please send a CV and a statement of research interest, and have sent two letters of recommendation to the email address below. A master’s degree or equivalent in physics is required. 

Monica Dunford
Eine neues Experiment zur Untersuchung von ultrakalten atomaren Mischungen

Ultrakalte atomare Mischungen bieten eine ideale Plattform für die Untersuchung fundamentaler Probleme der Vielteilchenphysik wie Paarproduktion, Quantenmagnetismus und Quantenwärmemaschinen, dank ihrer  einzigartigen Kontrolle und Flexibilität über alle mikroskopischen Parameter.

Aufgrund dieser weitreichen Anwendungen werden wir ein neues Experiment zur Untersuchung solcher atomaren Mischungen bauen. Aufbauend auf unseren Erfahrungen mit der existierenden Maschine, werden wir ein Set-up mit höherer Datenrate, Flexibilität sowie Präzision entwickeln. Im Rahmen dieses Projekts suchen wir einen Doktoranden, welcher unser Team von Experimentatoren verstärkt.
Fred Jendrzejewski
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