Nanoscale electrode materials for Li-ion batteries
R├╝diger Klingeler
High-frequency ESR Spectroscopy of Molecular Magnets
R├╝diger Klingeler, Changhyun Koo
Infrared properties and stability of organic semiconductor layers
Annemarie Pucci, Christian Huck
Messungen der Hochfeld-Magnetisierung und Bestimmung der magnetischen Phasendiagramme an korrelierten Elektronensystemen
R├╝diger Klingeler
Charge transfer of organic molecules on ordered surfaces
Annemarie Pucci
Master thesis projects in neuromorphic systems
Karlheinz Meier
Thermal Expansion studies on 1D and 2D quantum spin systems
R├╝diger Klingeler
Optical characterization of doped organic layers
Annemarie Pucci
Functionalization of metal oxides by self-assembled monolayers
Annemarie Pucci, Sebastian Beck
Reconstruction of extremely energetic jets above 0.5 TeV at the Large Hadron Collider
Oleg Brandt
Infrared Nearfield spectroscopy
Annemarie Pucci, Christian Huck
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