Computing Farm

The KIP ATLAS Computing Cluster is a valuable asset to the members of the KIP ATLAS HEP group, who lovingly call it 'the Farm'. Currently providing about 90 CPU cores, 37 Terrabytes of disc space and a Gbit connection to the outside world, the Farm greatly increases the versatility and flexability of the users and their work by providing three basic services:

- Platform for daily interactive work
- data processing
- mass data storage

To provide the users with a platform for their daily interactive work, the powerful server 'tractor' was installed. It is capable of handling multiple users being logged in and processing smaller chunks of data. To insure good compatibility, a wide array of ATLAS software is installed, making the users more independent from the servers provided by CERN. For convenience and fast access, the home directories of all users are located on a raid0 disc system on tractor. As an additional safty measure these discs are subject to a daily backup to the servers of the URZ (via TSM), preventing the loss of critical data.

To process larger sets of data or to conduct CPU-intensive offline analyses, the farm provides a set of nine processor nodes, the 'mares', containing a total of 76 processors (4*4+5*12). To insure fair conditions and optimal use of recources, a weighted PBS system is installed and managed by 'stud'. Apart from managing the processor nodes and the PBS system, this server provides all the necessary functions and services to run the computer cluster, making it the heart of the farm.

The necessity to obtain and store big sets of data to run an offline analysis is tackled by the servers 'harvest' and 'field'. While harvest is connected to the outside world via a 1GBit high-speed line it manages the download of data from the grid directly to field. This data server contians a set of eleven 1.8 TB discs, providing a total of about 20 TB of disc space.

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