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year 2020
author(s) Philipp Spilger, Eric Müller, Arne Emmel, Aron Leibfried, Christian Mauch, Christian Pehle, Johannes Weis, Oliver Breitwieser, Sebastian Billaudelle, Sebastian Schmitt, Timo C. Wunderlich, Yannik Stradmann, Johannes Schemmel
title hxtorch: PyTorch for BrainScaleS-2 -- Perceptrons on Analog Neuromorphic Hardware
KIP-Nummer HD-KIP 20-62
KIP-Gruppe(n) F9
document type Paper
Abstract (en)

We present software facilitating the usage of the BrainScaleS-2 analog neuromorphic hardware system as an inference accelerator for artificial neural networks. The accelerator hardware is transparently integrated into the PyTorch machine learning framework using its extension interface. In particular, we provide accelerator support for vector-matrix multiplications and convolutions; corresponding software-based autograd functionality is provided for hardware-in-the-loop training. Automatic partitioning of neural networks onto one or multiple accelerator chips is supported. We analyze implementation runtime overhead during training as well as inference, provide measurements for existing setups and evaluate the results in terms of the accelerator hardware design limitations. As an application of the introduced framework, we present a model that classifies activities of daily living with smartphone sensor data.

URL arXiv pre-print
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