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year 2020
author(s) Eric Müller, Sebastian Schmitt, Christian Mauch, Sebastian Billaudelle, Andreas Grübl, Maurice Güttler, Dan Husmann, Joscha Ilmberger, Sebastian Jeltsch, Jakob Kaiser, Johann Klähn, Mitja Kleider, Christoph Koke, José Montes, Paul Müller, Johannes Partzsch, Felix Passenberg, Hartmut Schmidt, Bernhard Vogginger, Jonas Weidner, Christian Mayr, Johannes Schemmel
title The Operating System of the Neuromorphic BrainScaleS-1 System
KIP-Nummer HD-KIP 20-32
KIP-Gruppe(n) F9
document type Paper
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BrainScaleS-1 is a wafer-scale mixed-signal accelerated neuromorphic system targeted for research in the fields of computational neuroscience and beyond-von-Neumann computing. The BrainScaleS Operating System (BrainScaleS OS) is a software stack giving users the possibility to emulate networks described in the high-level network description language PyNN with minimal knowledge of the system. At the same time, expert usage is facilitated by allowing to hook into the system at any depth of the stack. We present operation and development methodologies implemented for the BrainScaleS-1 neuromorphic architecture and walk through the individual components of BrainScaleS OS constituting the software stack for BrainScaleS-1 platform operation.

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URL arXiv pre-print
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