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year 2016
author(s) Arthur Schönhals, Hans Tholl, Mathias Glasmacher, Niels Kröger-Lui, Annemarie Pucci and Wolfgang Petrich
title Optical properties of porcine dermis in the mid-infrared absorption band of glucose
KIP-Nummer HD-KIP 16-102
KIP-Gruppe(n) F6,F23
document type Paper
source Analyst (2017)
doi 10.1039/C6AN01757F
Abstract (en)

The optical properties of skin in the mid-infrared range are not known, despite their importance for e.g. non-invasive glucose monitoring. In this paper, transmission, absorption, scattering, and reduced scattering coefficients are quantified using a custom-built goniometer based on a quantum cascade laser operated at the glucose absorption band at a wavelength of around 9.7 µm. The measurements show a strong dominance of absorption and moderate contributions from scattering. The scattered radiation is dominated by single scattering events in the forward direction (g = 0.967) within the range of the investigated dermis layer thicknesses of up to 50 µm, whereby the fraction of multiple scattering is expected to increase with the layer thickness.

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