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year 2013
author(s) Diana Nanova and Sebastian Beck and Milan Alt and Tobias Glaser and Annemarie Pucci and Schulthei▀, Katrin and Levin Dieterle and Schr÷der, Rasmus and Jens Pflaum and Wolfgang Kowalsky and Michael Kroeger
title Phase separation in ternary charge-transfer-complexes
KIP-Nummer HD-KIP 13-109
KIP-Gruppe(n) F6
document type Paper
source Applied Physics A 112 (2013) 1019-1025
doi 10.1007/s00339-012-7469-2
  author   = {Nanova, Diana and Beck, Sebastian and Alt, Milan and Glaser, Tobias and Pucci, Annemarie and Schulthei\ss{}, Katrin and Dieterle, Levin and Schr\"oder, Rasmus and Pflaum, Jens and Kowalsky, Wolfgang and Kroeger, Michael},
  title    = {Phase separation in ternary charge-transfer-complexes},
  journal  = {Applied Physics A},
  year     = {2013},
  volume   = {112},
  number   = {4},
  pages    = {1019-1025},
  doi      = {10.1007/s00339-012-7469-2},
  url      = {}
URL Nanova2013
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