Jahr 2014
Autor(en) N. Kröger, A. Egl, M. Engel, N. Gretz, K. Haase, I. Herpich, S. Neudecker, A. Pucci, A. Schönhals, W. Petrich
Titel Rapid hyperspectral imaging in the mid-infrared
KIP-Nummer HD-KIP 14-28
KIP-Gruppe(n) F6,F23
Dokumentart Paper
Quelle Proc. SPIE 8939 (2014) 89390Z-7
doi 10.1117/12.2041988
Abstract (en)

Despite the successes of mid-infrared hyperspectral imaging in a research environment, progress in the migration of technology into the day-to-day clinical application is slow. Clinical acceptance may be improved if the spectroscopy would be faster and the infrared microscopes available at lower cost. Here we present first results of a fast, multi-scale mid-infrared microscopy setup which allows for the investigation of 10.6×11.7 mm2 and 2.8×3.1mm2 fields of view with a resolution of 23.0±3.5 µm and 9.4±1.8 µm, respectively. Tunable quantum cascade lasers in the wavenumber ranges of 1030-1090 cm-1 and 1160-1320 cm-1 serve as light sources. A vapor cell is used as a frequency reference during the rapid scanning. As far as the imaging is concerned, it is the high spectral power density of the quantum cascade laser which enables the use of a microbolometer array while still obtaining reasonable signal-to-noise ratios on each pixel. Hyperspectral images are taken in times which can be as low as 52s for the overall image acquisition including referencing.

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