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year 2012
author(s) Jörg Bochterle, Frank Neubrech, Tadaaki Nagao, Annemarie Pucci
title Angstrom-Scale Distance Dependence of Antenna-Enhanced Vibrational Signals
KIP-Nummer HD-KIP 12-81
KIP-Gruppe(n) F6
document type Paper
Keywords local near-field; quantum plasmonics; gold antennas; cold-condensed carbon monoxide; SEIRS
source ACS Nano, 6 (2012) 10917-10923
Abstract (en)

The resonantly enhanced near-field of micrometer-sized gold antennas has been probed with Angstrom-scale resolution. In situ surface-enhanced infrared spectroscopic vibrational signals of carbon monoxide (CO) layers cold-condensed on the antennas in ultrahigh-vacuum conditions are compared to the signals of CO layers with corresponding thicknesses on a flat gold surface. Vibrational signals of CO as well as the shift of the plasmonic resonance frequency were used to analyze the distance dependence of the near-field. The signal enhancement induced by the antennas not only decays monotonically from the surface but, in contrast to classical near-field models, shows a maximum between 10 and 15 Å and decays also toward the surface of the antenna. This effect is attributed to the spill-out of the electron wave function, as expected from quantum mechanical calculations.

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